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it's payback time

It is time for revenge against or retribution from someone or something; it is time for someone or something to get what they deserve. They stole the championship from us last year, but now it's payback time.
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Revenge or retribution. Many people believe the demotion was payback for his refusal to support the legislation. I could see him staggering over to us, drunk as a skunk and looking for payback.
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it’s ˈpayback time

(especially American English, informal) used to say that you are now going to make somebody suffer because of something bad he/she did to you: You were mean to me when we were kids, and now it’s payback time!
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n. retribution. You hit me, I hit you. That’s your payback.
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"Currently, those who are subject to a community payback order are involved in a number of schemes of real benefit to Renfrewshire."
The MOEA found a solution set (Pareto front) that clearly shows that minimizing payback is inversely related to minimizing floor space, as illustrated in Figure 3.
Total Plan with Unlimited Data with Payback, Autopay/Paperless billing and credit approval required.
Combined with an additional USD 120 annually on savings through Unlimited with Payback, US Cellular customers can save up to USD 240 per year versus Verizon's single line unlimited data plan.
Community payback supervisor at Wales CRC, Stuart Edwards, said: "This is a great example of the work we do to help our service users pay back to the communities that often suffer as a result of crime "It's a tough, effective and visible punishment, giving service users positive experiences of what can be achieved by working together in a team and in a structured and disciplined way.
"We are so thankful for the way he acted and for the respectful way the men on Community Payback behaved; we wanted to thank them all." Judith was discharged from hospital on the same day having received treatment, including stitches for her facial injuries.
"I have been fortunate to be part of PAYBACK's journey in India and am excited to take on this new role that will help drive the next phase of growth for the business and will help the brand achieve many milestones.
Martin Davies, chief executive of West Yorkshire CRC, said: "Community payback provides a tough, effective and visible punishment requiring people to undertake challenging work while giving something back to communities where they live.
It manages more than 11,000 offenders at any one time and an average of 900 new cases a month Chris Edwards, chief executive of CGM CRC, said: "Community payback provides a tough, effective and visible punishment requiring people to undertake challenging work while giving something back to communities where they live.
The community payback scheme was introduced in 2011 and is one of the ways in which offenders put something positive back into their local communities and address their offending behaviour.
The Payback is broadly speaking based on Hawke's up-close coup d'oeil into the Manhattan call girl trade garnered from her days as a professional musician, who oftentimes accepted odd jobs to tide her over between gigs.
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Digital dialogue is one of the most important communication channels for PAYBACK with its 28 million users.
Two main problems exist with the payback mentality.