pay to do

pay to (do something)

1. To earn or save one money to do something; to be profitable or economical to do something. It pays to have your boiler serviced regularly to avoid having to pay for expensive repairs or replacements. It just wasn't paying to keep a brick-and-mortar storefront running anymore, so we switched to a totally online business model.
2. To be beneficial or advantageous to one to do something. It always pays to have a good attorney on retainer for situations just like this. I've found that it really pays to research a city thoroughly before you travel there. It always saves a lot of time you would have spent wandering around trying to decide what to do or see.
3. To greatly desire to do something. Used after the auxiliary verb "would" to form the subjunctive mood. Honestly, I would pay to see someone punch that jerk in the face. Ugh, I'd pay to have someone just come in here and do my homework for me.
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pay to do something

to be beneficial to do something; to be profitable. It doesn't pay to drive downtown when you can take the train. It pays to take an umbrella with you if it's supposed to rain.
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