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He shrunk up his shoulders at it when it was first proposed to him; but in a few days after he came to me, with one of the missionary priests for his interpreter, and told me he had a proposal to make to me, which was this: he had bought a great quantity of our goods, when he had no thoughts of proposals made to him of buying the ship; and that, therefore, he had not money to pay for the ship: but if I would let the same men who were in the ship navigate her, he would hire the ship to go to Japan; and would send them from thence to the Philippine Islands with another loading, which he would pay the freight of before they went from Japan: and that at their return he would buy the ship.
An' we can afford to pay the freight on it, can't we?
The one bit of advice I give to my students is to "not just pay the freight bill, but rather settle the transaction.
Specifically, those hard-won dollars will pay the freight for, among other things, the next year's worth of energetic and impactful multi-platform investigative reporting to supplement our first-in-class daily reporting, a continued beating of the drums for greater transparency and disclosure by public officials and institutions, a redoubled focus on educating the rest of the country about the realities of life in Texas, and a statewide suite of hot-seat events that hold politicians and newsmakers accountable before audiences of our fellow citizens.
It is seeking between $4 and $5 per subscriber to pay the freight.
Murtaza Mughal said that last year, the government decided to pay the freight subsidy to contractor only if a tanker if emptied in the PSO depot located in Janglot which reduced corruption.
He's being sarcastic, and knows we need people to pay the freight on habitat protection.
Bill Maher is usually funny and fairly far left politically, so I was struck to hear him declare in March on his show on HBO that the rich "actually do pay the freight in this country.
The guarantee is backed by AGIS's promise to pay the freight bill on any TOPOG-E[R] order that is received by 1 p.
Opponents of uniform prices of POL products say if consumers of food grains, vegetables, fruits and many other products have to pay the freight cost why the same law should be applicable of POL products.
We pay the freight and yet we're constantly being lied to and deceived.
Freight costs are a large overhead in most avionics shops, and customers pay the freight for shipping boxes to and from the factory.
The victim bills the job to the credit cards, then the scammer gets the victim to pay the freight (often large) via Western Union.