pay respect

pay (one) respect

To demonstrate respect, honor, or admiration for one. Modifiers are often used before the word "respect." The problem with kids these days is that they don't pay their parents any respect. You should always pay respect to your elders.
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pay someone respect

to honor someone; to have and show respect for someone. You really should pay your boss more respect. We have to pay our parents a lot of respect.
See also: pay, respect
References in classic literature ?
Nay, Sancho, my friend," said Don Quixote, "it would not have been right in me to do that, for we are all bound to pay respect to the aged, even though they be not knights, but especially to those who are, and who are enchanted; I only know I gave him as good as he brought in the many other questions and answers we exchanged.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister of State for Maritime Affairs Chaudhry Jaffar Iqbal Tuesday urged the politicians to pay respect for workers of all political parties for promoting culture of tolerance in the society.
Senate pay respect to this remarkable American, said Hoeven.
Qadri and whosoever may be concerned should bear in mind that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is a full-fledged leader of Pakistan's top democratic political party and hence the provincial government's spokespersons should pay respect to him.
envoy Roos 'to pay respect to all victims' at Nagasaki ceremony
However, their shared obligation is to pay respect to the past, focus on the current problems and manage the future of the country.
When the sorrowful arrive to pay respect, beneath their feet the chore
Wigan boss Roberto Martinez said: "If there is a team in the league that does not pay respect to Swansea, they will get hurt.
This is followed on November 2 by All Souls Day, an opportunity to pay respect to, and remember, the souls of all friends and loved ones who have died and gone to heaven.
The township would be named Jyoti Basu Nagar, and a statue of the veteran leader will soon be installed to pay respect to the great leader.
Remembrance Day is a time to pay respect, not to make snide comments.
Washington, September 17 (ANI): US show 'Dancing With The Stars' will pay respect to late actor/dancer Patrick Swayze in an episode in their new season.
The pontiff will "pray and pay respect to the victims of the Shoah (Holocaust,)" at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, Papal Nuncio Antonio Franco said at a news conference.
Samaha's fans sang along with her songs and some even waved Lebanese flags while dancing to the music, to pay respect to their beloved Lebanese star.
Celtic officials were keen to tell me a lot of buses stopped on the way back from Manchester wanting to pay respect to Tommy at Celtic Park.