pay into

pay into (something)

To contribute money to an account, pool, or some other accumulation of funds. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pay" and "into" to specify the amount of money being paid. All employees pay about 21% of their salaries into the pension fund. I've started paying into a savings account that I only use at Christmas.
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pay something into something

 and pay something in
to pay an amount of money into an account. Mary paid forty dollars into my account by mistake. She paid in a lot of money. I have an account here and I want to pay something in.
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pay into something

to pay money into an account. I intend to pay into my vacation account until I have enough for a nice vacation. We paid a lot into our savings account this month.
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And employers that cheat on their insurance premiums also tend to cheat on other aspects of the job--the wages they pay employees, the taxes they pay the state, the unemployment insurance fund they're supposed to pay into, even the raw materials they use for their construction work.
(Various rules deal with the special cases where damages cannot be precisely calculated.) England's "pay into court" rule serves a similar function: If a plaintiff turns down a settlement offer and does worse at trial, the plaintiff has by definition not prevailed for purposes of fees incurred after the offer.