pay homage to

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pay homage to someone or something

to openly honor or worship someone or something. Do you expect me to pay homage to your hero? I refuse to pay homage to your principles.
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Various social, political and cultural organizations held special programmes to pay homage to the poet.
AshuraeMuharram, the sacred occasion of the Islamic history, is observed to pay Homage to the martyrs of Karbala .
As soon as they arrive in Sidi Bouzid, participants will meditate to the memory of young martyr Bouazizi to pay homage to him.
For their fifth full-length, San Francisco experimental electronic duo Matmos pay homage to 10 outre queer legends--including William S.
From the same editors that brought us Visiting Emily (Dickinson) and Visiting Walt (Whitman), this anthology contains over 100 poems that pay homage to New England's premier poet.
The Italian restaurant will offer a fun and exciting dining experience that will pay homage to art of pizza making.
They've also got another cause for celebration after one of the producers of cult TV show 24 decided to pay homage to them in the new series.
The plan to turn the Fatima Shrine into a place where all the religions of the world will gather to pay homage to their various gods has aroused strong opposition.
Wilson Phillips: ``California'' (Columbia) The group's first record since 1992 is a collection of covers that pay homage to the music the trio grew up listening to.
Of the Prokofiev composition, Varone says, "I'm drawn to the lushness of the score, and plan to pay homage to the original source material--waltzes from Cinderella and War and Peace.
Members of the European Union are considering whether the union's yet-to-be-formed constitution should pay homage to God.
In their latest effort, the Dillons pay homage to an amazing trailblazer in the picture book Rap A Tap Tap.
A portion of the wood from the Liberty Tree was purchased by Taylor Guitars cofounder Bob Taylor and used to make a limited run of guitars that pay homage to the symbols of our past and the tenets of our future.
We also pay homage to the many right-hand men and women in the kitchen who extract the creative genius of their mentors.
handled in such a way as to pay homage to their particular material and shape, and to the specific contribution they make to the whole occasion.