pay for itself

(something) pays for itself

Something that one buys will save one as much or more money in the long term as one spent on it initially. With the amount of time we've saved in the warehouse, this new automated equipment is already paying for itself. These energy-efficient appliances might be more expensive, but they reduce your energy bill so drastically that they pay for themselves in no time.
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pay for itˈself

(of a new system, something you have bought, etc.) save as much money as it cost: The rail pass will pay for itself after only about two trips.
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References in classic literature ?
"But it would pay for itself by quicker passages," she argued; "and it would be as good as insurance.
Saxon looked with amazement at these small, brown-skinned immigrants who came to the soil with nothing and yet made the soil pay for itself to the tune of two hundred, of five hundred, and of a thousand dollars an acre.
checking and emptying it will pay for itself very soon.
It can still pay for itself even if it stops in Naivasha or Nairobi.
AN PS80 million budget overrun to build a Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Metro extension will 'pay for itself' through an innovative new funding scheme, it has been claimed.
Trump suggested at a rally Wednesday evening in Iowa that a solar wall would "create energy and pay for itself." He then joked it would mean Mexico "will have to pay much less money" to build it.
He can see 20 years into the future (saying Northumberland's new PS40m county hall will pay for itself in that time).
Payments on the new truck are expected to be approximately $32,000 annually and will be deferred for one year, allowing the new service to pay for itself.
CHANGES to payroll services at Kirklees Council have cost PS6m - but the authority says it will pay for itself in three years through 'back office efficiencies'.
Certainly within single digit loss, the system can pay for itself in a very short time," he said.
Government expenditure between 2008 and 2010 was beginning to pay for itself by the second quarter of 2010.
Motorists' investment in these tires is said to pay for itself quickly thanks to their low fuel consumption and low additional costs.
"Their wage bill is still big and a cup run could help the club start to pay for itself a bit more, which would be great for Middlesbrough.
The mission of the jointly supported solar equipment leasing program will be to deliver not only industry leading green energy equipment, but to allow the purchase to pay for itself over time.