pay dues

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pay (one's) dues

1. Literally, to pay the requisite fees to enter into or remain in an organization. If you don't pay your dues every month, they will rescind your membership without warning.
2. By extension, to work hard, gain the necessary skills or experience, or suffer hardships (in order to earn a position, set of rights, the respect of others, etc.). I paid my dues working in the warehouse for 10 years before I got this job in the head office.
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pay one's dues

1. Lit. to pay the fees required to belong to an organization. If you haven't paid your dues, you can't come to the club picnic. How many people have paid their dues?
2. Fig. to have earned one's right to something through hard work or suffering. He worked hard to get to where he is today. He paid his dues and did what he was told. I have every right to be here. I paid my dues!
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pay (one's) dues

To earn a given right or position through hard work, long-term experience, or suffering: She paid her dues in small-town theaters before being cast in a Broadway play.
See also: due, pay
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Greenstein said individuals will be required to pay dues to another board to maintain both the Realtor "R" and individual designations such as Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI), Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), General Accredited Appraiser (GAA), and Residential Accredited Appraiser (RAA).
The act achieved the stated goal of right-to-work laws by making it illegal to fire a worker who refuses to join or pay dues to a union.
These workers were forced to pay dues in order to work.
IN AN effort to rescue the lossmaking sugar industry, a ministerial panel on Friday recommended a bailout package, including ` 7,200 crore of interest- free bank loans to pay dues to sugarcane growers.
Islamabad, January 10, 2012 (Frontier Star): Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is on the verge of collapse and is likely to face financial crunch if the government failure continue to pay dues increased to more than Rs 185 billion.
According to the details, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued warning notices to more than dozens of weakly Bazaars owners of G-6 and H-9 for delayed in starting business on allotted land and for failure to pay dues.
Now the PSO has issued final notice, asking PIA to pay dues otherwise oil supply would be halted.