pay by

pay by something

1. Lit. to use something as a medium of payment. Will you pay by cash or check? The bill was paid by check.
2. Fig. to pay by a certain time. You will have to pay by the end of the month or we will cancel your lease. I promise I will pay by the end of the month.
See also: by, pay
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A significant number of employers were miscalculating the employees' regular rate of pay for purposes of overtime pay by not including items such as shift differential on-call pay or bonuses.
And the magazine's general survey of pay by work found only three jobs for which women earned more than men.
Organizations know variable pay by different names: profit sharing, group/team incentives, gains sharing, variable merit pay or performance sharing incentives What these programs have in common is they are incentive plans that cover most (if not all) employees while focusing on productivity objectives.
The new technology, provided by Pay By Touch, is free to shoppers and will allow them to pay for their groceries with a finger scan that is linked to their financial accounts.
Coast to coast, consumers are embracing Pay By Touch," said John Rogers, founder, chairman and CEO of Pay By Touch.
Shoppers can use Pay By Touch after a quick one-time sign-up at a special kiosk located in Cub stores.
To that end, we're thrilled to be the first grocer in Minnesota to offer customers the Pay By Touch system.
Consumers across the country are embracing Pay By Touch, because it makes the shopping experience convenient and secure," said John Rogers, founder, chairman and CEO of Pay By Touch.
Shoppers enrolled in the Pay By Touch service can use their finger to purchase products at any Cub Foods store.
Cogent Systems (Nasdaq:COGT) and Pay By Touch, the leading consumer biometric payments company, today announced a joint development relationship focused on reducing the cost and simplifying the installation of biometric payment solutions.
Pay By Touch allows shoppers to safely and securely pay for purchases using a finger scan to access their financial accounts and loyalty programs.
Cogent has a strong record of providing secure biometric solutions for critical government agencies," said John Rogers, founder, chairman and CEO of Pay By Touch.
NYSE:PAY) announced today it has signed a joint development and marketing agreement with Pay By Touch, aimed at furthering the adoption of consumer biometric payment solutions.
In addition, both companies will offer the Pay By Touch consumer biometric payment service as an integrated offering with VeriFone's family of payment solutions.
Users also benefit greatly from the use of Optimum Pay by reaping the rewards of integrated incentives, rebates, and discounts as well as being able to consolidate and simplify management of their financial payment accounts.