pay a visit

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pay (someone or something) a visit

To visit someone or something. We need to pay grandma a visit and see how her trip to Florida was.
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pay (someone or something) a visit

 and pay a visit to someone or something
to visit someone or something. Bill paid a visit to his aunt in Seattle. Please pay a visit to our house whenever you are in town.
See also: pay, visit

pay somebody/something a visit


pay a visit to somebody/something

visit somebody/something: I think it’s time we paid Jo a visit, don’t you?
References in classic literature ?
Then we will start off to examine some farms on the other side of London that I have heard of," he said, "and by March or April we will pay a visit to my father and mother.
As he did not, however, outwardly express any such disgust, it would be an ill office in us to pay a visit to the inmost recesses of his mind, as some scandalous people search into the most secret affairs of their friends, and often pry into their closets and cupboards, only to discover their poverty and meanness to the world.
After this it was decided by my master and mistress to pay a visit to some friends who lived about forty-six miles from our home, and James was to drive them.
This is our plan: We'll come once in a while, as in the past, to pay a visit to this henhouse, and we'll take away eight chickens.
Bonacieux; that he had never spoken to the one or the other; that he had come, at about ten o'clock in the evening, to pay a visit to his friend M.
Athos, then, went to pay a visit to one of his friends absent at the time," continued Treville, "to a young Bearnais, a cadet in his Majesty's Guards, the company of Monsieur Dessessart, but scarcely had he arrived at his friend's and taken up a book, while waiting his return, when a mixed crowd of bailiffs and soldiers came and laid siege to the house, broke open several doors--"
About Christmas he went to pay a visit to a well-known Scottish poet, William Drummond, who lived in a beautiful house called Hawthornden, a few miles from Edinburgh.
As I grew up, and was allowed more liberty, I went every year to pay a visit to my uncle's court, and usually stayed there about two months.
She gave Edna the address, regretting that she would not consent to stay and spend the remainder of the afternoon, and pay a visit to Mademoiselle Reisz some other day.
This was always the office of some grave trusty servant, in whom I could confide, whether I attended the king and queen in their progresses, or were disposed to see the gardens, or pay a visit to some great lady or minister of state in the court, when Glumdalclitch happened to be out of order; for I soon began to be known and esteemed among the greatest officers, I suppose more upon account of their majesties' favour, than any merit of my own.
No," said Lord de Winter, "we are going to pay a visit to Her Majesty the Queen of England.
When I get the time, and a sufficient margin of funds, I shall pay a visit to Chief Bashti--oh, no British cruiser program.
Find me two horses to go and pay a visit to a nobleman of my acquaintance who resides near this place.
in all her waking hours since she had proposed to pay a visit to Mrs.
I have asked him to pay a visit to my house in Scotland; I have proposed traveling with him on the Continent; I have offered to take him with me on my next voyage in the yacht.