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pave (something) over

1. Literally, to cover an area or stretch of land with a manmade substance, especially concrete or asphalt. I can't believe they paved over that beautiful park to make a parking lot. The city is paving over these old dirt roads to provide better access to the campsites.
2. By extension, to ignore, disregard, or suppress some problem or issue. The president paved over the reporter's questions about tax evasion by going on a rant about how broken the US tax code is. Don't just pave over the truth, Bob—tell us what's really going on!
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pave the way (for someone or something)

To create a situation in which it is easier for someone to do something or something to happen. Pioneers like her paved the way for women to have careers in the sciences. With their star quarterback paving the way, they look to be on their way to another championship appearance. Everyone knows your father paved the way for you to get into this school with his money and connections.
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Freeman of Liverpool Rex Makin attends civic functions at the town hall but struggles with the paving outside after suffering a double fractured femur.
Walt's Paving is a residential and commercial paving contractor located in Osceola, IN.
Mike Dickens, formerly of KFM Striping and Curb Company, will serve as the general manager for Rose Paving Phoenix.
Vuorenmaa replaces Robert Blumberg, executive team member and EVP, Paving, who is leaving his position as of 21 September 2017.
In order to lay the quality of runway required for the for extreme climate and larger aircraft, the subcontractor, as a long-term customer of Wirtgen, selected two Wirtgen pavers, an SP1600 and an SP500, and began the concrete paving operation in May 2014.
It's a big improvement in one part of the paving process--temperature differences."
Former C/A Paving owners, Brian Callahan and Tony Martarano will join Clements Concrete.
In the Wilayat of Ibra, works continue in executing some municipal projects, such as the wastewater network (second stage) and internal roads project in the industrial zone in Al Dakaik and paving the road from Al Yahmadi to A'Sharqiyah University.
Hilyard Street - Major paving is scheduled to continue on Hilyard between East 30th and East 34th avenues.
Local police departments are investigating reports of scams by people claiming to be representatives of paving companies.
This city is hoping to get a large share of a new line of credit the North American Development Bank is extending to Sonora border cities for street paving and other public work projects.
Coco Paving will acquire Lafarge Eastern Canada's Ontario and Quebec asphalt and paving construction operations.
The new document from Interpave, the Precast Concrete Paving and Kerb Association, addresses many issues and provides comprehensive guidance on achieving long-term performance with concrete block permeable paving on all types of development.