pave the way

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pave the way (for someone or something)

To create a situation in which it is easier for someone to do something or something to happen. Pioneers like her paved the way for women to have careers in the sciences. With their star quarterback paving the way, they look to be on their way to another championship appearance. Everyone knows your father paved the way for you to get into this school with his money and connections.
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pave the way (for someone or something) (with something)

Fig. to prepare the way with something for someone to come or something to happen. (Alludes to paving a road.) I will pave the way for her with an introduction. I am sure I can pave the way for your success. I will pave the way with an introduction.
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pave the way

Make progress or development easier, as in Her findings paved the way for developing a new vaccine. This expression alludes to paving a road so it is easier to travel on. [Late 1500s]
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pave the way

COMMON If one thing paves the way for another, the first thing makes it easier for the second to happen. A peace agreement last year paved the way for this week's elections. The deal is likely to pave the way for further corporate sponsorship of the event.
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pave the way for

create the circumstances to enable something to happen or be done.
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ˌpave the ˈway (for somebody/something)

make the arrival of somebody/something easier; prepare for somebody/something: Babbage’s early work on calculating machines in the nineteenth century paved the way for the development of computers.
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pave the way

To make progress or development easier: experiments that paved the way for future research.
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pave the way, to

To prepare for something; to lead up to. Paving a road makes it easier to traverse, and this metaphor for smoothing one’s course dates from before 1585. James Hogg’s Tales and Sketches (ca. 1817) stated: “One lie always paved the way for another.”
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Mohammadizadeh referred to the cultural similarities between the two nations, saying the two countries should exchange the experiences in different fields particularly in environmental issues including the protection of the seas and that those similarities would pave the ways for the two sides to reach their objectives.
The cabinet also explored the memoranda listed under its agenda and made the following resolutions in regard thereof: First: The cabinet reiterated the government's keenness for continuous development at higher rates which pave the ways in terms of resources and potentials to ensure expediting with implementation thereof.
The two sides stressed the importance of the cooperation agreement which would pave the ways for stronger economic, trade and investment relations between the two sides.
Bajnai said the project would pave the ways for joint activities in the future.
ISLAMABAD -- Hurriyet forum led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in Indian occupied Kashmir has said that time has come when India should realize the volatile situation in the territory and pave the ways for settlement of the decades-old Kashmir dispute.
From his side, Banat disclosed that the memorandum pave the ways for merger of the two groups.
Iranian official noted the presence of Indian delegation in NAM Summit and the meetings held between the high-ranking officials especially the dialogue held between Iran's Supreme Leader and Indian Prime Minister could pave the ways for broadening mutual ties in various sections in the future.
He said that communication network was very much essential to boost up provincial economy, and pave the ways for new income and employment opportunities for the people of concerned areas.
Speaking to the press following the meeting, Ghazi said the meeting also discussed how the endorsed development projects can contribute to pave the ways for a comprehensive peace in the troubled region.
Economists believe that financial crisis in Dubai has made remarkable opportunity for Iran to pave the ways of returning Iranian capitals via reforming economic law and regulations.
Both sides also agreed for meetings of technical teams in near future to pave the ways for fruitful and productive collaboration between the two countries.