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air (one's) paunch

slang To vomit. When I had the flu, I spent most of the time airing my paunch. Oh man, I felt like I was going to air my paunch out on that boat—I was so seasick! Considering the way you keep airing your paunch, maybe it's time to call the doctor.
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air one's paunch

Sl. to vomit. He got so nauseous that he spent much of the night airing his paunch.
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In a move likely to have huge repercussions for the cyber-security industry, Europol has confirmed to ( TechWeekEurope journalist Tom Brewster that renowned Russian cyber-criminal Paunch has been arrested but didn't give much more detail.
If you did indeed paunch the deer, finding the arrow should be easy, as it almost certainly passed through and likely without deflection.
Summary: Grey hair and a paunch have replaced the beret, leather jacket and dark glasses but Carlos the Jackal's defiance remains intact before he stands trial in France for a series of bombings in the 1980s.
Body measurements includes body length, heart girth, paunch girth, wither height and chest depth.
corporation [old term for a paunch or getting fat] 14.
his wiry body sport a paunch. Today they have it all Britt's chips
jjThe List Aidan O'Brien's five 2,000 Guineas winners 1998 King Of Kings (Mick Kinane) 7-2 2002 Rock Of Gibraltar (Johnny Murtagh) 9-1 2005 Footstepsinthesand (Kieren Fallon) 13-2 2006 George Washington (Kieren Fallon) 6-4f 2008 Henrythenavigator (Johnny Murtagh) 11-1 (below) **All mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a horse who was renowned for his staying and battling qualities on the Flat Paunch Ripens (7,5) Answer on page 94 Compiled by John Randall, Peter Scargill and Nicholas Godfrey
He has clicked his snap with the paunch and stored in his mobile.
Rudd said it was difficult to maintain a fitness regime while coping with the responsibilities of office after newspaper photographs revealed how the prime ministerial paunch has grown since he won power last November.
I accidentally shot that buck in the paunch and left him until the next morning.
What about Americans who aren't at immediate risk of a heart attack--people with higher-than-healthy cholesterol and triglycerides, a bit of a paunch, rising blood pressure, and perhaps pre-diabetes?
Martin as bad boy, Martin in his hotel room, Martin with those big underpants, just like the ones old man Picasso used to wear, pulled up over his paunch. The behavior was always so goofy and the hilarity so pronounced that, when they were first shown, the underlying seriousness of his self-portraits was all but suppressed.
They should have a single-lobed paunch. The changes are probably a result of crossing with Embdens.
Jake is "squatty and has a belly" (2) and a "paunch" (12): in other words, he's "fat" (13, 14).
Contamination with small amounts of ingesta on the paunch and small intestine which are salvaged by the company to be further processed to become edible does not always require condemnation.