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cow chip

slang A piece of cow feces. Watch out for cow chips when walking through that field.
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cow patty

slang A piece of cow feces. Watch out for cow patties when walking through that field.
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Pessimistic Patty

Someone who frequently or persistently expresses a particularly negative or pessimistic outlook. Of course she doesn't think we'll get there in time—she's always such a Pessimistic Patty. Oh, don't be a Pessimistic Patty. Things don't work out if you never give them a chance to succeed!
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cow chip

 and cow pie; cow patty; cow flop
Inf. a piece of cow manure. The pioneers didn't have much wood, so they burned dried cow chips. How did that big ol' cow pie get in the middle of my flower bed? Tom slipped on a cow patty.
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In the words of collab designer Patty Ang, "Just because it's functional, doesn't mean it can't be stylish.
While Beyond Meat's Burger patty has a higher fat content compared to the Impossible Burger patty, Impossible Burger's patty has more saturated fat.
Sure, those with an aversion to red meat wouldn't have an issue with it but the chicken patty did nothing for us.
Given the theme at Patty's house was to gift one another homemade things, he decided to go with physical swippable cards instead of the NFC-enabled ones.
Patty has been active in ONA as a District and Region leader, serving on the ONA Board of Directors.
As a show that appears to be targeted toward the YA set, it's disturbing to see Patty and Bob bond over their shared eating disorder and encourage each other to essentially use their food cravings as motivation -- to win, to seek retaliation, to earn someone's trust, or some combination of all three (as seen in that mortifying scene where Patty pressures him to win the crawfish eating competition in order to prove he's "willing to risk it all" to help her win the pageant).
Patty is forthcoming and perceptive, and her descriptions are brilliant, beautiful, and always surprising.
For the first few hours, Patty had several shots at some huge jacks, but her casts came up a little short for the fast moving schools.
There has been a recent spate of books about radicals of the 1970s, doubtless a soothing counterpoint to our own continuing conflicts: "Surely, this too shall pass." Now we have Jeffrey Toobin's account of the 1974 Patty Hearst kidnapping.
At this time, I would like to personally apologize and inform the readership of the Vermont Nurse Connection(VNC) that Patty DeNicola, RN, BSN has been omitted from publication under the heading, "ANA-Vermont Officers & Board of Directors." This error was accidental and has been corrected.
Worried that she would become "a drunk, a bore, a depressive," Patty decides to study Latin at nearby Vassar College.
"Patty's leadership at NASAA, whether as president, a member of the Board of Directors or as a section and committee chair was distinguished not only by her command of the subject matter but her diplomatic skills as well," said Judith Shaw, NASAA president.
Behind the huge shutters at the front, painted with the Original Patty Men logo, is a huge window that means the restaurant will be bright during the day.
The 10% and 20% pomace-fortified chicken patty and beef jerky samples also had ~3.94 and ~7.18, and ~18.00 and ~32.17 times more total dietary fiber than the control, respectively.