spatter on (someone or something)

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spatter on (someone or something)

1. To splash or fall on someone or something in drops or small amounts. Grease from the bacon started spattering on the counter as it cooked in the pan. Make sure you change into some old jeans before you go on your walk. I don't want mud spattering on your nice clothes!
2. To cause some substance to splash or fall on someone or something in drops or small amounts. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "spatter" and "on." Be careful not to spatter paint on the floor! I always end up spattering globs of clay on myself whenever I sculpt.
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spatter something on(to) someone or something

to scatter or splash bits or drops of a liquid or something moist onto someone or something. Who spattered barbecue sauce onto the wall? The paint can fell and spattered paint on everyone.
See also: on, spatter

spatter on someone or something

[for a liquid or something moist] to splash onto someone or something. When Kelly painted the hallway, a lot of paint spattered on the floor. The hot fat spattered on me.
See also: on, spatter
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"Some nights I like the rain -- I like to lie in bed and hear it pattering on the roof and drifting through the pines."