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(out) on patrol

away from a central location, watching over a distant or assigned area. (Said especially of police and soldiers.) Officer Smith is out on patrol and cannot see you now. The soldiers who are on patrol on this snowy night must be very cold.
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bush patrol

1. n. a session of necking and petting. (Here patrol has the military meaning of assignment.) Martha and Paul spent the evening on bush patrol.
2. n. an imaginary search through campus shrubbery to flush out the necking couples. Bush patrol starts at midnight, so be in by then.
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References in classic literature ?
And all day long, as he kept unwinking watch on the slow process which promised to protract itself through many days and weeks, whenever (to save himself from being choked with dust) he patrolled a little cinderous beat he established for the purpose, without taking his eyes from the diggers, he still stumped to the tune: He's GROWN too FOND of MONEY for THAT, he's GROWN too FOND of MONEY.
2 million contract extension between Metrolink and the Sheriff's Department, which has patrolled the system for 14 years.
7 An area that provides cover and concealment represents a favorable hot spot, whereas a well-lit, heavily patrolled area would prove a poor choice for criminal activity.
For more than 40 years, FBM submarines have silently patrolled the waters of the world hidden from potential adversaries by an oceanic curtain," said Tom Morton, vice president, strategic missile programs for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co.
SIMI VALLEY The old Corriganville Movie Ranch, where famous horses like the Lone Ranger's Silver once grazed, is now a rustic local park patrolled by a dozen mounted volunteers eager to preserve a piece of the Old West.
Bike officers create an aura of police omnipresence and appear to increase substantially the perception of security among the residents of the patrolled areas.
The CHP's airplane patrols are common in rural counties, but the key commuter freeway will be the only one in Los Angeles County to be patrolled by the agency's Cessna 185 aircraft, he said.