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bush patrol

Kissing and caressing. I heard you were on bush patrol with Andrea last night—did it lead to anything more?
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on patrol

In the process of moving around some area in order to observe, inspect, or protect it. There are only two guards on patrol, so there should be plenty of opportunities to slip in undetected. Officers Smith and McCluskey, you'll be on patrol in the east district tonight.
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(out) on patrol

away from a central location, watching over a distant or assigned area. (Said especially of police and soldiers.) Officer Smith is out on patrol and cannot see you now. The soldiers who are on patrol on this snowy night must be very cold.
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bush patrol

1. n. a session of necking and petting. (Here patrol has the military meaning of assignment.) Martha and Paul spent the evening on bush patrol.
2. n. an imaginary search through campus shrubbery to flush out the necking couples. Bush patrol starts at midnight, so be in by then.
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Specifically designed and built for the demands of the region while taking into account increasing consumer appeal for more fuel efficient, practical, full-sized SUVs, the Patrol V6 still retains the high levels of power and prestige that the legendary Patrol is famous for and has earned it the title 'hero of all terrains in life,'" the official said.
The new Patrol 4L V6 was designed for and tested in the region to meet all types of terrain and temperature conditions while delivering the same off-road and on-road capability.
Upon completion of that task, the patrol leader returns to the main body, reports on his actions and describes the events that took place, the status of the patrol's members and equipment, and any observations the patrol may have made.
There are sound reasons for taking the word of these two decorated and highly regarded Border Patrol agents over that of the drug smuggler.
We use cradles to support the patrol boats and make them easier to transport," Whitehead said.
Local residents also expressed fear of the vigilante groups that have emerged in tandem with the rapid expansion of Border Patrol activity in this region.
In the past 2 years, the Missouri State Highway Patrol conducted 822 saturation patrol operations, arresting 1,666 drivers for DUI.
Please be patient and give the patrol and children plenty of room to cross the road safely.
After years of being humiliated by the Border Patrol, by "cavity searches," threats, and beatings, some Mexican-Americans are rewriting the history of this town.
Oh, okay, we'll just steal several hundred Border Patrol agents from another sector, say, California's San Diego sector, and make a big media show of "cracking down" in the Tucson sector for a while.
Patrol Officer Problem Solving and Solutions constitutes a much-needed and timely book devoted to a subject that has grown in importance, popularity, and application in American policing.
Since the mid-1980s, the Border Patrol has been beefed up with personnel and weaponry - ostensibly to fight a "War on Drugs" against invading hordes of wetback narcotraficantes.