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you (can) bet your (sweet) patootie

slang You can be absolutely certain that something will happen. Sometimes used ironically. ("Patootie" is a slang term for the buttocks.) You bet your sweet patootie I'm going to that concert—I've been saving up to buy a ticket for months now! Oh, you can bet your patooties that Kevin will be late tonight—he's never on time! I can't find my umbrella, so of course you can bet your patootie that it'll rain soon.
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You bet your sweet patoot(ie)!

exclam. You can be absolutely certain! (Patootie is the buttocks.) I’ll be there! You bet your sweet patoot!
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I admit to being a "Fuddite", and take that for what you will and kiss my patootie, but I'm not going to let that stop me from learning.
Dear Mama, you are one hot patootie! What do you like in a man?
Rather than license Paul Frank's Julius monkey, for instance, tween apparel maker Cutie Patootie is using a generic monkey on its pajamas.
In a recent interview Danes said: "He's such a cutie patootie. I find it very freeing...
The new line of sulfate-, paraben--and phthalate-free skin care products include Happy Baby Soap, Splish Splash and Nighty Nite Organic Shower Gel (both of which are said to be thicker than castile soaps), Bubbles Natural Baby Shampoo, Pookie Natural Body Lotion, Wiggle Baby Cremes, Lil' Soaker Bath Soak, Cutie Patootie Diaper Ointment and Fluffy Bear Talc Free powder.
FEARLESS Kerstin Deakin on her pony Red Hot Patootie.; IN RIBBONS Kerstin with her mum Felicity and the pony with whom she finished fifth, Red Hot Patootie, at Olympia in London this month.
In which 1975 film did Meat Loaf play Eddie, singing the song Hot Patootie?
In short, I don't give a rats patootie what he thinks on any subject.
In "Genghis Chan: Private Eye XXX," Yau mixes Cantonese, Chinese, and English in such a way that no dominant standard English is set up as the norm against which pidgin or Cantonese is shown to be its deviation or opposite Other: shoo war torn talk ping towel pong toy salted sap yellow credit hubba doggo hubba patootie wig maw mustard tongue (Yau 2002a, 38)
But that's not an insult; it's simply one of the tips in her highly comical and informative book, Recycle This Book and 72 1/2 Even Better Ways to Save "Yo Momma" Earth (Patootie Press).
Musical numbers: "Science Fiction Double Feature." "Damn It, Janet," "Over at the Frankenstein Place." "The Time Warp," "Sweet Transvestite." "The Sword of Damocles," "I Can Make You a Man," "Hot Patootie," "Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch Me." "Once in a While," "Eddie's Teddy," "Planet Schmanet -- Wise Up Janet Weiss." "Floor Show/Rose Tine My World," " Marilyn Manson look is not all that spooky anymore -- it's practically become the corporate uniform at Tower Records.
So how come nobody gives a patootie about the Hugo Boss Prize, the biennial award underwritten by the German haberdasher and administered by the Guggenheim Museum?
As he rails against this "unconstitutional deprivation of property," you begin to suspect that Stein himself may be something of a first-class pain in the patootie.
Ticket prices will start at about 80 bucks and go on up from there with a little extra cash to cush their seat and give them a closer view of the cutie patootie performer.
The season moves on with music by a wide range of performers, from jazz and folk to classical and musical theatre, including a concert by the Orchestra of the Square Chapel on September 21; performance by the Absolute A Kinks tribute band on October 11; a gig by My Sweet Patootie (inset), a modern-day music hall acoustic band from Ontario; and a tribute to Simon and Garfunkel in November.