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His posture relaxed; though, as always--even when talking to someone famous, even when seated next to Hal Patly on Channel 16--one of his shoulders remained thrust forward, as if he had been momentarily caught mid-stride.
It thrives upon ideas, but it does not present ideas patly and neatly.
Many of the survivors are more thinly drawn than their abusers, and some patly written scenes necessary to move the story along clearly take more dramatic license with reality than you wish they would.
Although we have the masculine attempt to quell the female uprising, the novel ends patly with the women triumphant: "La Violaine is no longer a prison, and yet remains, as it should, under the sway of women" (185).
Might I not patly and anachronistically expire, like a literary broken heart?
Moreover, the lines seem a weak, patly epigrammatic attempt at an argument against suicide rather than a satisfying resolution to the difficult issues involved.
The film ends too patly with some words about the dysfunctional style of modern civilization and an MTV collage of urban glass towrs baking in a pollution haze, suburban houses lined up to the horizon and our own Buddhist symbol, the highway cloverleaf.