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Doctors make the worst patients.

It is difficult to give people help or advice on something in which they are professionals, because they often feel as though they already know better than anyone else how to handle the situation or perform a given task. Mary tried to convince her boss at the bank to see a credit advisor about his growing debt, but he kept insisting that he knew how to manage his money. Doctors make the worst patients.
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patient dumping

The premature discharge of patients, especially homeless patients or those with psychological disabilities, onto the streets by hospital workers or care providers, due to the high cost of providing care or shelter for them. A local hospital is being investigated for a continual practice of patient dumping, with many who suffer from chronic addiction and health issues being thrust straight back onto Skid Row.
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patient as Griselda

Extremely calm, composed, and dutiful. Griselda is a character in folklore who quietly endures many tests to prove her virtue to her husband. There are a lot of opinionated people in this office, so the next person we hire will need to be as patient as Griselda. My mother raised 10 kids—she is truly as patient as Griselda!
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patient of

Able to stay composed when faced with (something unpleasant). My mother is very patient of chaos—I guess she developed that skill while raising five kids. Meditation has helped me to become more patient of everyday annoyances.
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*patient as Job

very patient. (Alludes to the biblical figure Job.*Also: as ~.) If you want to teach young children, you must be as patient as Job. The director who is working with that temperamental actor must have the patience of Job.
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Waiting Patiently is likely to be given entries in the two Grade One contests, the Betway Bowl on Thursday, April 12 and the JLT Melling Chase 24 hours later, with a trip to Punchestown also a possibility.
William Hill made Waiting Patiently a 9-2 shot for the Ryanair Chase at Cheltenham.
Waiting Patiently, who was giving jockey Brian Hughes his first triumph in Grade 1 company, is now as short as 3-1 second favourite for the Ryanair Chase at Cheltenham on March 15, but his trainer warned: "He definitely wants more cut than genuine good ground.
Coldplay contacted us via the promoter and said that the band were so delighted with the loyalty of their fans that they would like to reward them with pizza for waiting so patiently in the cold," Contactmusic quoted Di Anderson, central support and marketing manager for the Union of Uea Students, as saying.
CDATA[ Archivists at the Museum of the Ghetto Fighters are working patiently, frantically, to find the remains of Jewish life in the Warsaw Ghetto.
1 : to put up with patiently : tolerate <They won't abide bad behavior.
Dozens of British holidaymakers had to wait patiently while the three royals, who were returning from a day-trip shopping excursion to the Italian fashion centre of Milan, refused to take their seats.
George Wilson has patiently been helping to save the Zephyr shop movement in the Venice-Santa Monica area.
He did his school work by patiently describing what to write and type to his wife and nurse.
I've just got to wait patiently and let my body heal,'' he said.
He patiently chronicles his life and pays touching homage to his wife Aurelia throughout the narrative.
Sen "mastered the art of patiently and tenderly hand-feeding the males;' says Gadagkar.
Some ants go through a similar process of preparing food and patiently waiting to eat--but they do it all year round.
The plane was equipped with polar navigation hardware and the crew patiently waited in Rothera for a weather break to fly over nine hours at 10,000 feet at around 269 kilometres per hour to their destination.
Thousands of fans, of all ages, patiently queued at Tesco's Kingston Park branch in Newcastle and WH Smith at Gateshead's MetroCentre for a double launch of his autobiography ( Farewell But Not Goodbye.
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