the patience of Job

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the patience of Job

An immense and unyielding degree of patience and conviction, especially in the face of problems or difficulty. A reference to the biblical figure Job, whose absolute faith in God remained unshaken despite the numerous afflictions set upon himself, his family, and his estate by Satan. This field of work requires the patience of Job, so if you're looking for immediate results, you're in the wrong profession. My sister is amazing. She has five unruly children, but she has the patience of Job with every single one of them.
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the patience of a ˈsaint/of ˈJob

very great patience: I don’t know how she does it — she’s got the patience of a saint, that woman!You need the patience of Job to deal with customers like that.Job was a character in the Bible who lost his family, his home and his possessions, but still did not reject God.
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patience of Job, the

Long-suffering and forbearing. In the Old Testament Book of Job, the protagonist is the personification of both poverty and patience, subjected to numerous trials. His poverty has been referred to from time to time, but not nearly so frequently as his patience. Shakespeare used both in Henry IV, Part 2 (1.2): “I am as poor as Job, my lord, but not so patient.” And Jonathan Swift put it in rhyme (The Beasts’ Confession, 1732): “While others of the learned Robe would break the patience of a Job.”
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References in classic literature ?
Nobody had ever witnessed anger in him, and all said he had the patience of Job.
It would have taken the patience of Job to react impassively to further provocation.
Finding common ground between these two, almost equallybalanced, forces would exhaust the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon.
On reflection, it resembles a movie with the patience of Job, taking its sweet, stealthy time before arriving at one of the great moments in the history of extreme cinematic gore.
Should Hariri be able to manage such a gargantuan task, he will have to have the patience of Job, the expertise of a circus juggler and the wisdom of Plato.
Some story titles include Crossing the Red Sea, Solomon's Wisdom, A Chariot to Heaven, At the Bottom of the Well, the Patience of Job, the Four Fishermen, the Bread From Heaven, the Rich Young Man, the Empty Tomb, Saul the Persecutor, God's Armor, Love One Another, and The Revelation of God.
It takes the patience of Job to teach kids how to do a job," Hannah chuckles.
0002 may not carry the life-or-death implications that tolerance in other aspects of life does, but it still requires the patience of Job, understanding of Confucius and dogged determination of Einstein to, at times, bridge and resolve
Weld, who has shown the patience of Job with his horse in an illustrious training career, always kept the faith and let the horse do the talking on the track.
Captured on two videos, the encounter offers a glimpse of the challenges faced by police, who uniformly revealed the patience of Job.
If you don't want to end it you'll need the patience of Job.
David Lanigan, who has some 50 horses, has had to exercise the patience of Job with viral problems in his yard.
We have become trapped in a quagmire of incomprehensible rules, regulations and turgid form-filling that defies belief, and the patience of Job.
Judging by Emma Holding's long list of engagements - she's slaved over Dirty Dancing routines, taught one couple to strut their stuff to a heavy metal number and showed a confetti crash mob Grease can be the word, the Sutton Coldfield businesswoman must possess the patience of Job.