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Hopelessly and contemptibly inept, worthless, or pitiful. He came in with another one of his pathetic excuses. When will he just take responsibility for his own actions! Anyone who bullies those weaker than themselves is pathetic, you know that?

(I'm) sorry.

an expression used to excuse oneself politely or apologize, especially when one has collided with someone, when one has offended someone, or to ask someone to repeat what has been said. "I'm sorry," I said to the woman I bumped into. I'm sorry, what did you say? I couldn't hear you.


and pathetic
mod. pitiful; drawing ridicule or scorn; worthy more of condemnation than pity. (In colloquial use these words are usually used in sarcasm and disgust.) You are one sorry bastard! You are a pathetic person and a pathetic example of a quarterback!


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Minister Kamran Michael said the incumbent Government has taken many steps to stop such pathetic incidents and to ensure the human rights particularly the rights of the women adding that effective efforts are being made to bring improvement and for the protection and promotion of human rights.
Passing sentence, Judge Goldstone, the Recorder of Liverpool, told Doran: "You are a pathetic and tragic character.
It can be seen as a bit pathetic, but to me it makes them seem more human.
Times of Oman first highlighted the pathetic life of the labourers who were depending on food distributed at mosques during the holy Ramadan month to stave off hunger.
I wouldn't call pounds 60m pathetic - and that's just from my Government - pounds 30m more from the benevolent British public including pounds 25,000 within the first 24 hours from my own organisation The Freemasons Grand Charity, this will be supplemented by The Lions, The Rotary Club, The Round Table and donations still pour in.
Yes, I suppose you can say we are pathetic at the age of 78.
Just when I think I have found the person I think is the most rotten, lousy, pathetic and miserable human being I can find, someone steps forward and offers credentials that move them to the head of the class.
WHEN I heard that there were 1,000 dangerous criminals on the run from prison I couldn't help thinking about Ronnie Biggs, a rather pathetic dying old man who was refused parole.
Pathetic and precious What a pathetic and precious bunch those jockeys are who cannot take honestly held and forthright comments.
It gave away MG Rover to the Chinese and it has sat back with pathetic handouts to the British workers, in training schemes and inflated benefit payments, knowing that any future car production would be a small assembly plant building MG sports cars.
I allude to the aging boomers and hippies with their Botox and hair dye and round-the-clock oldies stations, their pathetic conviction that Forever Young is not an oxymoron but a slogan we should all try to live by.
Of his own exhibition "Just Pathetic," he offers, "Georges Bataille was closer to the pathetic spirit; that also comes from a history of philosophical thought that deals with the roots of comedy, including Baudelaire's notion of 'satanic laughter.
Death is not some bloodthirsty thug but rather a thoroughly pathetic primate on two legs.
Prebyl remains both pathetic and too powerful throughout the book.
The notion that Israel, with a substantial nuclear arsenal and a superb and highly effective military force, could be intimidated out of existence by the actions or fulminations of this pathetic dictator can hardly be taken seriously.