patch together

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patch something together (with something)

to use something to repair something hastily or temporarily. I think I can patch the exhaust pipe together with some wire. See if you can patch this engine together well enough to run for a few more hours.
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They find jobs in the export factories, patch together homes from pieces of wood, metal, and plastic, and find ways to tap into the power line (some get fried).
Another explains, "It is life that does the thinking all around us, forming with playful ease the connections our reason can only laboriously patch together piecemeal, and never to such kaleidoscopic effect.
The need is not so much for more help for the social workers who are trying to patch together shattered young lives.
The Coos Watershed Association is trying frantically to patch together the strands of a once-rich but now badly strained ecosystem.
Smith has been left to patch together a backline for tonight's first- round return with Strasbourg after Venables demanded Tony Vidmar plays a FRIENDLY for Australia in Tunisia.
Vernon, Illinois plant and is spending enough money there to patch together production as it brings its new Brazilian plant up to speed.
Much of the original rock from these eruptions has eroded away or been buried, making it hard for geologists to patch together the pieces.
As they migrate to newer service platforms that increase performance, enterprises and service providers are often faced with the challenge of trying to patch together a network that consists of multiple technologies in many different locations," said Courtney Munroe, Vice President, Telecom and IP Services for IDC.
And as much as people focus on Cruise's physical transformation - he grew out his hair and did his best to patch together a beard (he jokes those two things alone accounted for five pounds of his weight gain) - Cruise says the emotional work he devoted to his character was far more strenuous and time-consuming.