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greener pastures

A place or thing that is an improvement on one's current situation. I liked my job here, but it just didn't pay enough, so I had to go to greener pastures.
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new pastures

A new job or place to live that offers new experiences or opportunities. Starting next month, I'll be packing up my job with the newspaper and heading off to new pastures. I've loved living in New York City, but it's time to find new pastures.
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pastures new

A new job or place to live that offers new experiences or opportunities. Primarily heard in UK. Starting next month, I'll be packing up my job with the newspaper and heading off to pastures new. I've loved living in London, but it's time to find pastures new.
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put (someone or something) out to pasture

1. Literally, to retire an animal from working by allowing it roam in a field or pasture. This horse has been my constant companion for the last 15 years on the ranch, but now I think it's about time to put him out to pasture. You ought to put that old donkey out to pasture, don't you think?
2. By extension, to force, coerce, or pressure someone into retiring from their work. The CEO shaped the company into what it is today, but she's getting on in years and the board of directors has decided to put her out to pasture.
3. By extension to Definition 1, to retire a piece of equipment from use or replace it with something newer. I got through my entire graduate degree on this clunky old laptop, but I think it's finally time to put it out to pasture.
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put a horse out to pasture

to retire a horse by allowing it to live out its days in a pasture with no work. (See also put someone out to pasture.) The horse could no longer work, so we put it out to pasture.
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put someone out to pasture

Fig. to retire someone. (Based on put a horse out to pasture.) Please don't put me out to pasture. I have lots of good years left. This vice president has reached retirement age. It's time to put him out to pasture.
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put out to grass

Also, put out to pasture. Cause to retire, as in With mandatory retirement they put you out to grass at age 65, or She's not all that busy now that she's been put out to pasture. These idioms refer to farm animals sent to graze when they are no longer useful for other work.
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put someone out to pasture

If you put someone out to pasture, you make them retire from their job, or move them to an unimportant job, usually because you think that they are too old to be useful. I'm retiring next month. They're putting me out to pasture. He should not yet be put out to pasture. His ministerial experience is valuable. Compare with be put out to grass. Note: When horses have reached the end of their working lives, they are sometimes released into fields (= pasture) to graze.
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greener pastures

People talk about greener pastures to mean a better life or situation than the one they are in now. A lot of nurses seek greener pastures overseas. They moved around for years, sometimes even leaving the state for what they thought would be greener pastures.
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pastures new

COMMON If someone moves on to pastures new, they leave their present place or situation and move to a new one. Michael decided he wanted to move on to pastures new for financial reasons. I found myself packing a suitcase and heading for pastures new. Note: You can also talk about moving on to new pastures or fresh pastures. No matter how much we long for new pastures, when we reach them they can seem like a bad idea. Note: This is a quotation from `Lycidas' (1638) by the English poet Milton: `At last he rose, and twitch'd his Mantle blew: Tomorrow to fresh Woods, and Pastures new.' This is sometimes wrongly quoted as `fresh fields and pastures new'.
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(fresh fields and) pastures new

a place or activity regarded as offering new opportunities.
The expression is a slightly garbled version of a line from Milton's poem Lycidas ( 1637 ): ‘Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new’.
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put someone out to pasture

force someone to retire.
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put somebody out to ˈpasture

(informal, humorous) ask somebody to leave a job because they are getting old; make somebody retire: Isn’t it time some of these politicians were put out to pasture?This expression refers to old farm horses or other animals, which no longer work and stay in the fields (= pastures) all day.
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ˌpastures ˈnew

a new job, place to live, way of life, etc: After 10 years as a teacher, Jen felt it was time to move on to pastures new.Without warning, she left him for pastures new.
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put out to pasture

1. To herd (grazing animals) into pasturable land.
2. Informal To retire or compel to retire from work or a full workload.
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put out to grass/pasture, to be

To be retired from active duty; to rusticate. This term, which refers to animals that are turned out to a meadow or range, particularly a horse that is too old to work, was transferred to human beings as early as the sixteenth century. John Heywood used it in his 1546 proverb collection: “He turnde hir out at doores to grasse on the playne.”
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