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he that would go to sea for pleasure would go to hell for a pastime

proverb Because sailing can be so dangerous and unpredictable, those who choose to do it for enjoyment must like things that others would find unpleasant. My friend loves taking his boat out on the ocean, but I used to be a sailor, so I know that he that would go to sea for pleasure would go to hell for a pastime.
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He that would go to sea for pleasure, would go to hell for a pastime.

Prov. Being a sailor is so unpleasant that anyone who would do it for fun must be crazy. Old Sailor: Why did you decide to go to sea? Young Sailor: I thought it would be fun. Old Sailor: He that would go to sea for pleasure, would go to hell for a pastime.
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He said nowadays both adults and children spend most of their leisure time in front of a computer or a cell phone, but when he was small, one of the most common summer pastimes for children in Penghu was to invite several friends to jump into a harbor for a swim in the sea, the report said.
The Gaelic Athletic Association, which focuses on promoting Gaelic games and pastimes, was established in 1884.
Deepika Padukone plays badminton as her favourite pastime, while Sonam Kapoor has an enriched sense of art and collects both new and old paintings to maximize her leisure time.
Short city trips, including events cen have become a national pastime for many, but cities are under pressure and protests from locals are growing
Retail chief Kim Gray said it's a "classic summer pastime in need of revival".
"Thus thinking of the value of amusement in general, and of hunting in particular," he wrote, "I cannot but perceive with regret that there are causes in operation which have destroyed to the extent, that, in another generation, this manly pastime will no longer be within our reach."
Flying drones, a relatively new pastime in the emirate, comes with its own set of rules as these devices use a range of frequencies that could potentially interfere with avionics.
Unfortunately it is also a pastime of some local politicians.
[USPRwire, Wed Nov 19 2014] Until 2013, most Indonesian consumers have seldom treated gardening activities such as planting, watering and fertilising plants as a valued pastime or hobby.
Flashing the flesh is a popular pastime too and here's Jennifer Lopez doing just that in a shimmering Charbel Zoe gown.
I don't know much about snooker, but believe it would fall into the category of a recreational pastime, such as golf, bowling, pool, etc.
The awards also single out others who give their time and efforts to develop and nurture grassroots sports to allow plenty of people who may not otherwise take up a pastime to take part.
PERFECT PASTIME should be afforded close scrutiny when he wages war in the Ladbrokes Handicap at Lingfield.
Despite having bombed out on his penultimate start, connections must have been reassured of Perfect Pastime''s well-being when he finished fifth in a seven-furlong handicap at this track on march 5.