paste one

paste (someone) one

To strike someone with one's fists, especially in the face. I pasted her one after her awful remarks. He pasted the heckler one right in the guy's eye.
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paste someone one

Sl. to land a blow on someone. I pasted him one right on the nose. Next time you do that, I'll paste you one!
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Also, the subject was allowed to paste one leaf and was required to wait for his turn after all other members had pasted a leaf on the tree.
A possibility to use widgets where users can just copy & paste one line of codes to any page they want and Userly can display your site information and analytics.
The live manakeesh station will allow you have your body weight in the beloved carb-y snack; the cheese and chili paste one is salty and amazing.
Students paste one half of the picture onto pa per and use the image to complete the lines of symmetry for the other half of the face shot.
Check seasoning and serve hot Star anise tikka Serves four - six Ingredients 800g (1.75lbs) boneless chicken leg meat (chicken breast may also be used but the leg is juicer for this dish 32g (2oz) ginger garlic paste One dessertspoon lemon juice One tablespoon oil One teaspoon crushed black pepper 125g (5oz) Greek yoghurt Half a teaspoon star anise powder One teaspoon salt 50ml (2fl oz) cream Method Mix oil, ginger garlic paste, black pepper, salt star anise powder, cream and yoghurt in a bowl, coat chicken with it and leave to marinate for 12 hours.
Each place has its own story and you are sometimes there for different reasons." He continues: "I think it's very difficult to say that you want to copy and paste one restaurant to make another one because the story is always changing.
With the children calmed down and in their seats, I demonstrate dipping the strips in the paste one at a time and really smoothing each one on the balloon.
Just cut and paste one of these answers: "Lately I've been too busy with my projects." "I still cruise around a little, you know?" or "Oh man, it used to be my life.
Hot chilli lamb Serves four Ingredients 900g (2lbs) lamb chopped 150g (5oz) onion chopped A little chopped garlic and ginger One teaspoon turmeric One tablespoon mustard seeds Two teaspoons mustard paste One teaspoon ground cumin One teaspoon ground coriander 40g (1.5oz) green chilli finely chopped 25g (1oz) fresh coriander 500ml (.75pt) water Oil for frying Salt to taste Method Heat oil in a pan and fry ginger and garlic for a minute or two taking care not to burn.
One would have to physically cut and paste one photograph onto another and then take another photograph of the copy-pasted image.
Black bean beef with udon noodles Serves four to six Ingredients 350g (12oz) beef fillet cut into bite-sized pieces One tablespoon fermented black beans (available in tubs from Chinese shops) Two cloves garlic, crushed One red and one medium green pepper, de-seeded and cut into quarters One spring onion, chopped One large carrot, thinly sliced Two tablespoons sesame oil for stir frying For the marinade One tablespoon soy sauce One tablespoon red wine One teaspoon cornflour Two teaspoons coarse black pepper Two cloves garlic, crushed For the sauce One tablespoon soy sauce One tablespoon sugar Four tablespoons chicken broth One tablespoon chilli paste One teaspoon cornflour dissolved in one tablespoon water Method Mix marinade ingredients together, cover meat, leave for 20 minutes.
Gado Gado Serves six Ingredients Half a small white cabbage, shredded 225g (7oz) thin French beans 125g (5oz) beansprouts Quarter of a small cucumber, chopped Two potatoes, sliced Two hard boiled eggs, sliced Small lettuce, shredded For the sauce Two tablespoons peanut oil Two garlic cloves, crushed Two red chillies, de-seeded and chopped One tablespoon shrimp paste One teaspoon soft brown sugar Four tablespoons peanut butter 250ml (8fl oz) coconut milk Method Leave lettuce raw and lightly cook all other vegetables separately.