paste on

paste (something) on

1. To make something stick onto someone or something with a liquid adhesive. Go around and paste these posters on the walls. They went through the halls pasting chicken feathers on the freshmen.
2. To strike someone very hard with one's fists, especially in the face. Almost always used in the form "paste one on (someone)." I pasted one on him after his lewd remark. She pasted one on the heckler right in the guy's eye.
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paste something on someone

1. Lit. to affix something to someone with paste or glue. We had to paste a mustache on her for the last scene of the play. They pasted beards on themselves too.
2. Sl. to charge someone with a crime. You can't paste that charge on me! Max did it! The cops pasted a robbery charge on Lefty "Fingers" Moran.
3. Sl. to land a blow on someone. (See also paste someone one.) If you do that again, I'll paste one on you. Max pasted a nasty blow on Lefty's chin.
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His work was to cover the pots of paste-blacking, tie them down neatly and paste on the labels.