paste down

paste something down

to secure something down [onto something] with paste or glue. The poster will look better if you will paste the loose edges down. Please paste down the edges.
See also: down, paste
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Tenders are invited for Moly Paste Loctite Or Molykote G Paste Down Corning 1 Number Can Contains 339.
On Lookout Lake fishing maggot is producing nets of silvers with bonus perch up to 3lb whilst pellet and paste down the margins is still the best method for carp.
The venue match record also fell at Moorlands Farm, Ian Wood weighing in 263-8-0 of carp caught on paste down the edge on Bank Pool in Saturday's 54-peg Tony Parker Memorial.
Chef Khaled Hashem brings a large white serving plate over to the mixing bowl, dips a ladle in, and with a flourish of the wrist throws dollops of the paste down, spreading it an inch thick.
Carefully spoon the fig paste down the middle of the pastry lengths, making sure it's distributed in an equal thick 'sausage' which will make all the biscuits look the same.
Plenty of fish are coming to paste down the near margin and this has been the best tactic for 5lb-plus tench.
Typically, higher speed printing requires the solder paste to be "worked" or printed repeatedly to thin the paste down to a viscosity that permits it to roll.
Paste down the middle, spreading the paste outwards to ensure even coverage.
Chris Lane of Leyburn opted to fish cheese paste down his own side and within five minutes had won the match with a single chub of 3lb 4oz.
Apply paste down the length of the paper, brushing the paste from the centre out to the edges.
Our only concern is trying to wash all that wheat paste down with a cholesterol-free BALCO Big Gulp.
Gently level and smooth the top of the paste with a rolling pin, then ease the almond paste down the sides of the cake, smoothing it at the same time.
Go round his paddock of an evening picking up his droppings and he'll take delight in depositing another steaming pile just behind you; go into his box to fire a syringe of worming paste down his throat, and he'll look at you as though you're armed with a loaded gun.
Efficient wallpaper pasting - The most effective and efficient way of applying paste to your wallpaper is to brush the paste down the centre of the paper and then from the centre to the sides, making a 'herringbone' shape.