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a pasting

1. A thorough, resounding defeat. We hadn't been practicing during the off-season at all, so we got quite a pasting in our first game. Look, no one is expecting you to win the match. Just don't let him give you a pasting, all right? We sure took a pasting tonight—12-1.
2. An intense physical beating. The bouncer hauled the drunkard out of the bar and gave him a pasting in the back alley. You'd better shut your mouth if you don't want a pasting! My younger brother was always a shy, skinny kid who often got a pasting from schoolyard bullies.
See also: paste

cow paste

slang Butter. Do you want some cow paste to put on your bread?
See also: cow, paste

cut and paste

1. verb In computing, to remove something so that it can be placed elsewhere (such as text in a word processing document). I think you should cut and paste this section because it would fit better with the introduction of your paper.
2. noun An unimportant or trivial activity. We usually just assign the interns cut and paste around the office to keep them busy.
See also: and, cut, paste

get a pasting

1. To be soundly defeated or bested; to lose by a wide margin. Their team's inexperience showed on the pitch today, as they got a pasting from the powerful squad from New Zealand.
2. To be very strongly rebuked, criticized, condemned, or punished. The giant supermarket chain has gotten a pasting lately over allegations that they've been threatening local shops and markets. Mark sure got a pasting because of that prank he pulled in class yesterday.
See also: get, paste

get pasted

slang To get drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You guys really got pasted!
See also: get, paste

give (one) a pasting

1. To strike or beat one very severely. The guy gave me a pasting after I insulted his girlfriend. I think he broke my jaw! The bullies always gave Tom a pasting during the school's lunch hour.
2. To soundly defeat or best one; to defeat one by a wide margin. Their team's inexperience showed on the pitch today, as the powerful squad from New Zealand really gave them a pasting.
See also: give, paste

paste (someone) one

To strike someone with one's fists, especially in the face. I pasted her one after her awful remarks. He pasted the heckler one right in the guy's eye.
See also: one, paste

paste (something) on

1. To make something stick onto someone or something with a liquid adhesive. Go around and paste these posters on the walls. They went through the halls pasting chicken feathers on the freshmen.
2. To strike someone very hard with one's fists, especially in the face. Almost always used in the form "paste one on (someone)." I pasted one on him after his lewd remark. She pasted one on the heckler right in the guy's eye.
See also: on, paste

paste down

To affix something onto some surface with a liquid adhesive so that it remains flat or smooth. A noun or pronoun can be used between "paste" and "down." Make sure you paste down the decals evenly, or you could end up with bubbles underneath it. I wish you wouldn't paste your hair down like that with so much pomade. It makes you look like you're wearing a shiny black helmet!
See also: down, paste

paste up

1. To affix something onto a vertical surface or a higher position with a liquid adhesive. A noun or pronoun can be used between "paste" and "up." So many different theaters and promotional companies paste up posters for their shows that I can never remember what's actually showing in a given week. I spent the whole weekend pasting wallpaper up in the all the rooms of the house.
2. To apply a liquid adhesive to something in order to repair it or hold it together. A noun or pronoun can be used between "paste" and "up." I tried pasting up the book after the pages started falling out, but the whole thing just ended up getting stuck together. Tommy's toy broke, so I'm going to try pasting it up for him.
See also: paste, up

patch together

1. To build something hastily or temporarily using various disparate pieces or parts. A noun or pronoun can be used between "patch" and "together." My wife is an amazing tinkerer. She patched together a working robot just out of spare parts she found lying around our garage!
2. To mend, repair, or service something to the point of being functional or whole again, especially temporarily, typically by adding material to cover or connect broken or missing parts. A noun or pronoun can be used between "patch" and "together." The car broke down in the middle of the interstate, so I had to patch it together with what little I had available just so I could get it to a service station. Will you see if you can patch this pipe together while we wait for the repairman?
3. To conceive of something very hastily or haphazardly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "patch" and "together." I had to patch together a story for the boss about why I was late again. I had forgotten to bring my notes for the presentation, so I just patched something together at the last minute
See also: patch, together
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cow paste

Rur. butter. Would you kindly pass the cow paste?
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cut and paste

1. Lit. to cut something out of paper with scissors and paste it onto something else. The teacher told the little children that it was time to cut and paste, and they all ran to the worktables. Mary made a tiny house by cutting and pasting little strips of paper.
2. Fig. something trivial, simple, or childish. I hate this job. It's nothing but cut and paste. I don't mind doing things that have to be done, but I hate to waste my time on cut and paste.
See also: and, cut, paste

paste someone one

Sl. to land a blow on someone. I pasted him one right on the nose. Next time you do that, I'll paste you one!
See also: one, paste

paste something down

to secure something down [onto something] with paste or glue. The poster will look better if you will paste the loose edges down. Please paste down the edges.
See also: down, paste

paste something on someone

1. Lit. to affix something to someone with paste or glue. We had to paste a mustache on her for the last scene of the play. They pasted beards on themselves too.
2. Sl. to charge someone with a crime. You can't paste that charge on me! Max did it! The cops pasted a robbery charge on Lefty "Fingers" Moran.
3. Sl. to land a blow on someone. (See also paste someone one.) If you do that again, I'll paste one on you. Max pasted a nasty blow on Lefty's chin.
See also: on, paste

paste something up

1. to repair something with paste. See if you can paste this book up so it will hold together. Paste up the book and hope it holds together for a while.
2. to assemble a complicated page of material by pasting the parts together. There is no way a typesetter can get this page just the way you want it. You'll have to paste it up yourself. Paste up this page again and let me see it.
See also: paste, up

patch something together (with something)

to use something to repair something hastily or temporarily. I think I can patch the exhaust pipe together with some wire. See if you can patch this engine together well enough to run for a few more hours.
See also: patch, together
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cut and paste

Describing a patched-up job or trivial work. For example, The revision was easy, just cut and paste, or The new assistant had expected some training, but all she got was cut and paste. This term alludes to simple artwork done by small children-cutting out pictures and gluing them to paper. [Mid-1900s]
See also: and, cut, paste
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give somebody/get a ˈpasting

(informal, especially British English)
1 beat somebody/be beaten very easily: Our team was given a real pasting on Saturday. We lost 6-0.The Democrats got a real pasting at the local elections.
2 criticize somebody/be criticized very severely: His new film got a pasting in the newspaper yesterday.She gave me a real pasting for handing in my essay a week late.
See also: get, give, paste, somebody
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get pasted

1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. (From paste.) Bart got pasted on beer.
2. mod. beaten; outscored. Our team really got pasted.
See also: get, paste


1. tv. to strike someone, especially in the face. (see also paste someone one.) I hauled off and pasted him right in the face.
2. tv. to defeat a person or a team, usually in a game of some type. (see also pasting, get pasted.) The Warriors pasted the Rockets, 70–49.

paste someone one

tv. to land a blow on someone. (see also paste.) Next time you do that, I’ll paste you one!
See also: one, paste, someone

paste something on someone

1. tv. to charge someone with a crime. You can’t paste that charge on me! Max did it!
2. tv. to land a blow on someone. (see also paste someone one.) If you do that again, I’ll paste one on you.
See also: on, paste, someone, something


n. a beating; a defeat in a game. (see also paste.) Our team took quite a pasting last weekend.
See also: paste
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