past (someone's or something's) prime

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past (someone's or something's) prime

No longer in an ideal state or condition. Many gymnasts are past their prime when they are only teenagers. This computer is so slow that it's definitely past its prime.
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past someone's (or something's) prime

Fig. beyond the most useful or productive period. Joan was a wonderful singer, but she's past her prime now. This old car's past its prime. I'll need to get a new one.
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past one's prime

Beyond the peak of one's powers, as in Jean still plays tennis but at 79 she's obviously past her prime. Also see the synonym over the hill; prime of life.
See also: past, prime
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Running shoes that have been worn past their prime will automatically order a replacement.
So why should it be acceptable to disparage older women as wrinkled, boring, past their prime and replaceable?
The former England batsman added India's best batsman are approaching their retirement dates and are well past their prime.
Bedi also felt that India must look out for fresh talent with most of the bowlers, including paceman Zaheer Khan, past their prime.
The previously powerful European teams such as Panathinaikos and Galatasaray, who still pay good money, are only ever likely to attract players who are either not quite top class or have been top class but are now past their prime and seeking one last payday.
Domenech, who had promised to name an official 23-man list but changed his mind at the last minute, faced a selection headache with several players struggling for fitness, no longer regular starters at their clubs or simply past their prime.
However, this surge in demand is coming as many miners are either cutting production because their mines are past their prime or closing old and expensive mines altogether.
But hopes of bringing Sol Campbell to Newcastle look to be doomed as club owner Mike Ashley is not keen on paying out big wages for players who are past their prime.
But in a lesson to all old heroes past their prime, Overmars broke his leg in the last minute of a Dutch First Division game on Friday night.
I have seen too many fighters fight too far past their prime.
In a market governed by supply and demand he is overpriced but far better to pay over the odds for a player with youth on his side than waste money on players past their prime with a limited sell-by date, a relevant factor that has featured in so many Villa ventures into the transfer market.
But try telling one Edinburgh woman today that Premium Bonds are past their prime and she'll laugh at you all the way to her bank.
Either they were light-hitting, or in the case of the then 37-year-old Castillejo, past their prime.
Graham has seen too many fighters battle on past their prime to allow 27-year-old Hatton to do the same once he has cemented his legacy as one of Britain's best fighters.
Beyond their obvious functional purposes, Tokyo's more experimental buildings, rising among contiguous structures long past their prime, are design catalysts that can also be read as discourses on aesthetics and the role of modern architecture.