past (someone's or something's) prime

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past (someone's or something's) prime

No longer in an ideal state or condition. Many gymnasts are past their prime when they are only teenagers. This computer is so slow that it's definitely past its prime.
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past someone's (or something's) prime

Fig. beyond the most useful or productive period. Joan was a wonderful singer, but she's past her prime now. This old car's past its prime. I'll need to get a new one.
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past one's prime

Beyond the peak of one's powers, as in Jean still plays tennis but at 79 she's obviously past her prime. Also see the synonym over the hill; prime of life.
See also: past, prime
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I can adjust to sickness and pills but, past my prime,
"They think I'm past my prime and they are making a mistake.
"I think I'm past my prime for doing dramatic films, it's almost like a pathetic cry out to be recognised as a serious actor.
NEVER a parent and well past my prime, still I shudder at the extent to which education has been politicised under Labour.
She said: "One magazine called another young actress 'the next Keira Knightley' and I'm thinking, 'Hold on, am I past my prime already?