past (someone's or something's) prime

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past (someone's or something's) prime

No longer in an ideal state or condition. Many gymnasts are past their prime when they are only teenagers. This computer is so slow that it's definitely past its prime.
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past someone's (or something's) prime

Fig. beyond the most useful or productive period. Joan was a wonderful singer, but she's past her prime now. This old car's past its prime. I'll need to get a new one.
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past one's prime

Beyond the peak of one's powers, as in Jean still plays tennis but at 79 she's obviously past her prime. Also see the synonym over the hill; prime of life.
See also: past, prime
References in classic literature ?
He felt this at the mere sight of Ignat and the horses; but when he had put on the sheepskin brought for him, had sat down wrapped in the sledge, and had driven off pondering on the work that lay before him in the village, and staring at the side-horse, that had been his saddle-horse, past his prime now, but a spirited beast from the Don, he began to see what had happened to him in quite a different light.
It was cruel that a stupid chance should have cut off her life when she was just entering upon it; but in the very moment of saying this to himself, Philip thought of the life which had been in store for her, the bearing of children, the dreary fight with poverty, the youth broken by toil and deprivation into a slatternly middle age--he saw the pretty face grow thin and white, the hair grow scanty, the pretty hands, worn down brutally by work, become like the claws of an old animal--then, when the man was past his prime, the difficulty of getting jobs, the small wages he had to take; and the inevitable, abject penury of the end: she might be energetic, thrifty, industrious, it would not have saved her; in the end was the workhouse or subsistence on the charity of her children.
He was then past his prime, being twenty-eight years and three quarters old, of which he had reigned about seven in great felicity, and generally victorious.
He the monster that was George Foreman when he was past his prime and that solidified his legacy.
While Cue Card was on his way up to Haydock, where a third win in the Betfair Chase on Saturday emphatically dispelled any lingering worries that his long-time flagbearer might be past his prime, Tizzard was marshalling the stable's new wave of top-class chasing talent in a schooling session that left both trainer and jockeys purring.
The fiction prize went to The Betrayers by David Bezmozgis, a political and emotional drama about a Sharansky-esque refusenik past his prime, examining loyalty and the inner strength of a man on the brink.
Equipment optical archive is already past his prime life and its maintenance operation is challenging, constantly being collapses of the system, including utility Solaris servers.
Known to torment bowlers across the world even till the recent past, there is no doubt that he is well past his prime.
This Must Be the Place" follows Cheyenne (Penn), a rocker past his prime, who goes on a mission to find the Nazi who abused his father in a concentration camp.
The 24-year-old Bolton brawler destroyed one of Mayweather's previous conquests Zab Judah in July - but the American kingpin reckons Khan was up against a fighter past his prime at 33.
Lara may be past his prime now, but even if he displays 70 per cent of his talent in the next IPL, it will be worth the money a spectator invests on his ticket.
But Jones looked every bit a 40-year-old past his prime rather than a fighter who won world titles in every weight division from middleweight to heavyweight.
BOXING: Joe Calzaghe is adamant he will call time on his career when the time is right, after witnessing one of his heroes fighting on past his prime in Moscow last weekend.
Nicol also dismissed notions Beckham was past his prime and only coming to the American set-up in semi-retirement.
A President long past his prime clings to his tawdry throne;