passport to

(one's) passport to (something)

That which allows one to find or access something good or desirable. The young woman's indomitable spirit and integrity are her passport to a position of leadership on the world stage. His incredible talent is his passport to a life of fame and fortune.
See also: passport

passport to something

Fig. something that allows something good to happen. John's new girlfriend is his passport to happiness. Anne's new job is a passport to financial security.
See also: passport
References in classic literature ?
The Italian says, Sospetto licentia fede; as if suspicion, did give a passport to faith; but it ought, rather, to kindle it to discharge itself.
First, the passport holder shall, report the lost or stolen passport to the Liberian National Police (INTERPOL SECTION) and to the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).
Please check your passport to ensure that you have enough visa pages.
I have to get a new passport to hide the canceled seal on my current passport.
We also consider issuing of tatkal passport to patients who need specialised treatment in any foreign country, Dar said.
ISLAMABAD, March 12, 2010 (Frontier Star): Ministry of Interior on Friday refused to give permission to Director General (DG) passport to buy latest passport machines despite having sufficient funds.
Passport To Life: Autobiographical Reflections on the Holocaust is the firsthand story of Dr.