passport to

passport to something

Fig. something that allows something good to happen. John's new girlfriend is his passport to happiness. Anne's new job is a passport to financial security.
References in classic literature ?
The Italian says, Sospetto licentia fede; as if suspicion, did give a passport to faith; but it ought, rather, to kindle it to discharge itself.
Though his looks did not please her, his name was a passport to her goodwill, and she thought with sincere compassion of his approaching disappointment; for, in spite of what she had believed herself to overhear in the pump-room, his behaviour was so incompatible with a knowledge of Isabella's engagement that she could not, upon reflection, imagine him aware of it.
The incidents of the legend become the hero's surest passport to immortality.
I knew that the word I brought would prove a splendid passport to Kaol, and I must admit that my caution was due more to my ardent desire to make my way into the city than to avoid a brush with the green men.
He was a man who would have made a success of life a century and a half ago when conversation was a passport to good company and inebriety no bar.
In Mr Merdle's heap of offices in the City, when Mr Dorrit appeared at any of them on his business taking him Eastward (which it frequently did, for it throve amazingly), the name of Dorrit was always a passport to the great presence of Merdle.
My grandfather's name is a passport to all the courts in Europe.
Please check your passport to ensure that you have enough visa pages.
I have to get a new passport to hide the canceled seal on my current passport.
We also consider issuing of tatkal passport to patients who need specialised treatment in any foreign country, Dar said.
Passport To Life: Autobiographical Reflections on the Holocaust is the firsthand story of Dr.
Some countries have immigration requirements for a passport to remain valid for a minimum period (usually at least six months) beyond the date of entry to the country.
I am very excited about the addition of Carrier Passport to TransactNOW," said Roy Riley, executive vice president and COO of Peel & Holland Inc.
We are excited to see OpenNetwork using Passport to add value to their solutions," said Brian Arbogast, vice president .
March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Passport to New Jersey, a six-week program combining in-state tourism with a statewide essay contest and an in-store promotion at the state's 196 McDonald's restaurants, was introduced today by New Jersey Division of Travel & Tourism Director Eugene Dilbeck at the Governor's Conference on Tourism at the Sheraton Meadowlands.