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(one's) passport to (something)

That which allows one to find or access something good or desirable. The young woman's indomitable spirit and integrity are her passport to a position of leadership on the world stage. His incredible talent is his passport to a life of fame and fortune.
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passport to something

Fig. something that allows something good to happen. John's new girlfriend is his passport to happiness. Anne's new job is a passport to financial security.
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The passport renewals at the centre increased gradually every year, with 5568 in 2015, 9800 in 2016 and 14,400 in 2017.
While talking to Pakistan Today, the director passport Punjab Muhammad Fayyaz said, 'Previously there were only two counter at the passport office and we have increased them to nine along with one window operation for all the people who come to the passport office.
Though cabinet removed column of 'profession' from the passport, yet it is still mandatory
'Cabinet authorised the increase of the validity period for the three categories of the Namibian passports (National, Diplomatic and Official) from the current five years to 10 years,' he said.
Impeccable information available to this paper has it that the development has seen passport applicants rushing to the national capital where they pay GHS300 cedis for a passport.
"The DFA department order, which will cancel the country's passports of former secretaries of foreign affairs and ambassadors, cannot prevail over a passport act which is a law passed by Congress," Del Rosario said.
Canceling courtesy diplomatic passports is not unlawful but is a move to protect national honor, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr.
It is highly secure, hence avoids passport reproduction and tampering.
Some 900,000 people have been issued with the new generation passports. Applications by 1.5 million others are pending.
All zonal heads have been directed and authorised to review the recommendations of government employees from their respective departments regarding obtaining passport in concealment and approval will be accorded by the Zonal heads for the cases forwarded to them by the Regional Passport Officers (RPOs) under their control.
The cabinet approved the proposed policy submitted by the Interior division and decided that Interior division will examine the need and rationale of the 'profession' column in the passport in the light of global best practices.
The purpose of these digital passports is to avoid tampering,fraud andcreation of fake passports.
A British consultancy firm, Henley and Partners, have published an annual Passport Index ranking the relative strength of the world's passports.
Uzbekistan's passport ranked 68th in "The Passport Index 2018", from the Global Passport PowerRank, which compares the passports of different countries according to the principle of access of their citizens to other countries.