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have a passion for (something)

To have a very strong interest in something. Rich has a real passion for photography—you should see some of the cool, artsy shots he took at the concert. Paulina's always had a passion for languages, so I'm not surprised that she's learning Italian now.
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passion pit

dated slang A place, especially a drive-in movie theater, where many young people come together on dates or romantic outings, so called because of the tendency for physical intimacy to occur there. A: "Let's go out this weekend." B: "OK, let's see what's playing at the passion pit." There's this passion pit a little ways up in the mountains where high schoolers and college kids park their cars and hook up.
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have a passion for someone or something

Fig. to have a strong feeling of need or desire for someone, something, or some activity. Mary has a great passion for chocolate. John has a passion for fishing, so he fishes as often as he can.
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n. a drive-in movie theater; any place where young people go to neck, such as an area where teenagers park. (Dated but still heard.) She wanted me to drive down to the passion-pit, but I said I had a headache.
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Those are all the things that I involve my passion with.
''Passion' is about how the force of somebody's feelings for you can crack you open, and how it is the life force in a deadened world,' said Sondheim, who did the music and lyrics.
HARMONIOUS PASSIONPsychologists distinguish between these two sides of passion, what they call harmonious passion versus obsessive passion.In harmonious passion, you are absorbed in an activity because you love how the activity itself makes you feel.
While making money -- whether for the corporate balance sheet or an employee's paycheck -- is the rational side of business, passion is the emotion that motivates you put more energy into something than is required.
Tickets are PS5 and are available from St Botolph's Parish office, Passion Youth Centre, Charnwood Road Baptist Church, Christchurch Methodist Church and Shepshed Volunteer Centre.
The 38-year-old farmer from Iruma location, Mara subcounty, said it is now one year since he started growing passion fruits, and he is enjoying the fruits of his hard work.
Remember to look out for and hire people who share your passion. (File photo)
The passion that individuals have in their lives can have a significant effect on various outcomes (Yoo, Kim, & Jung, 2009).
GREAT British Bake Off judge Prue Leith made a shocking confession to school students - she doesn't have a passion for baking.
It's been said that after eating passion fruit, you'll fall in love with the next person you see.
In my view, the doctrine of the mean states that virtues are meanstates in that they dispose their possessors to aim at and to achieve the mean in passion, that is, to feel neither too much nor too little of a passion.
As you read this we will be right in the middle of "Passion Week." On Palm Sunday (last Sunday), I challenged our church family to "Catch the Passion!" What does that mean anyway?
The observance of Passion Time or Passion Week started last Sunday, March 18, on the fifth and final Sunday of Lent, and will last until Black Saturday on March 31, before the start of the Easter Vigil.
(2003) first proposed the concept of passion for activities, suggesting that passion entails "a strong inclination toward an activity that people like, that they find important, and in which they invest time and energy" (p.
INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 4 stem ginger biscuits 20g butter, melted 4 Waitrose large passion fruit 250g pack Essential Waitrose Creamy Soft Cheese 150g Greek-style coconut yogurt 3 tbsp icing sugar METHOD 1.