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Anyone passingly familiar with ecclesiastical protocol and politics sees what's going on here.
Sizer only passingly mentions the darker side of the dispensationalist version of Zionism: the belief that the long history of antisemitic persecution, including the Holocaust, represents God's "chastisement" of his chosen but wayward people.
And surely most Californians are at least passingly familiar with the work of Arizona Rep.
While passingly affined with recent trends toward the animaloid, Jensen's oeuvre points more forcefully in the direction of such sculptors as Robert Gober and Katarina Fritsch, arch craftspeople in whose work irony and spiritualism are hard to tell apart.
The principal father of the Constitution is discussed only passingly.
But as Hamilton/Publius passingly implied in The Federalist Nos.
Furthermore, in the absence of any reference to other commentators, any reader passingly familiar with other reconstructions of the text cannot help but wonder how Theunissen would respond to previously established perspectives on the text's conceptual unity.
1986) (finding sham marriage where the husband "was only passingly familiar with the apartment in which [the couple] were supposedly residing and was unable to state within a decade his wife's correct age").
For those only passingly familiar with the Iban textile field a wise choice would be to read Gavin's Chapter VI first.
42) Researchers also passingly admit to being unable to quantify the aspect of beauty in chess problems.
And yet when I pulled down from the shelf a collection of essays on Chaucer that Edward Wagenknecht edited in 1958, I discovered that in the course of 17 essays on The Canterbury Tales, Jews get mentioned, always passingly and twice in endnotes, all of four times.
The sumptuous recreation of Delft may look fantastic on screen but it is also a barrier to becoming more than passingly involved in the story.
The author alters the familiar storyline of Shakespeare's play, rewrites famous speeches, and transforms or exaggerates the attributes of key characters so as to surprise and amuse an audience assumed to be at least passingly familiar with the original.
This is not just any judgment, but a feminist one, which means that the audience must be at least passingly familiar with feminist objections to tokenism, to the commodification of female bodies, to the perpetuation of a narrow Western beauty ideal, and so forth, if they are to "get" the irony.
He may register some internal objection when Senator Harris makes a joke about gay hairdressers, but he remains able to characterize his homosexuality, however passingly, as a choice he has made, even though he clearly recalls the impossibility of maintaining an erection whenever he attempted heterosexual intercourse.