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Unlike my education in continental philosophy, with Eastern religions, I'm a dilettante--a stereotypical American who passingly wants to master stress management.
Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria and Malta also have similar programmes but of these only Portugal was passingly mentioned in the report.
Anyone at least passingly familiar with the Cold War knows about the American (and, occasionally, allied) overflights of the Soviet Union.
In the top of this Mount our Lorde shewed himself blissfull, and changed his figure passingly before his Disciples, and gaue them reuelation in his owne body, of blisshe and clearnesse, that euer shall last.
This despite the fact that his bibliographical thoroughness ensures that such elements do receive space in the text, however passingly. Holst's Hindu and Theosophic enthusiasms, Vaughan Williams's studies with Max Bruch and Maurice Ravel, Grainger's interest in Far Eastern music, Warlock's intense friendship with the Dutch composer Bernard Van Dieren, Moeran's interest in Irish folk song--these and other complicating factors are duly itemized in the course of the book, and yet the implication, that these elements (many of them unrelated to folk song or nationalism) were also instrumental in shaping the kind of music these composers wrote, remains largely unaddressed.
Readers will probably be at least passingly familiar with most of the topics covered, including the legal wrangling over the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration's efforts at preventing people from acquiring guns and ammunition, the unprecedented aggression of the National Labor Relations Board in pushing unionism, Operation Choke Point's illegal strangling of lawful businesses through abusive banking regulation, federal interference in state voting laws, the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of groups that oppose the president's agenda, and much more.
It was mentioned only passingly in a study about the Stone Age religion in Estonia (Jaanits 1961) and it has not been brought up at all in Eesti esiajalugu (Estonian Prehistory, Jaanits et al.
Those who insistently call Quicksilver 'cousin Frank' are 'gentlemen of good phrase, perfect language, passingly behaved, gallants that wear socks and clean linen' (1.1.50-51).
The self-revelation seems altogether too personal to be taken passingly. This suggests that the coming-out and apologia for homosexuality may be a primary purpose, with the other material, though sincerely presented, providing a thick coating of conservative camouflage.
NO one who is even passingly familiar with the history of the Chicago Police Department can claim to be surprised by a new report showing that the department is plagued by systemic racism and operates with utter disregard for the lives of the black citizens whom it batters, maims and kills.
The readings are consistently sharp and always closely attentive to the primary materials (both literary and historical)--yet only passingly engaged with recent scholarship and occasionally problematic in execution.
Omer al-Bashir spoke naively, passingly, about compensation of the survivors and the relatives of his genocidal victims in lieu of waiving and relinquishing their demand for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to the arrest and the trial of Omar al-Bashir and his regime's entourage.
Other communities like the Bulgarians, Armenians, and Jews are passingly mentioned and thus, we do not exactly know to what extent were they affected by the boycotts and even more importantly, what was their stance toward it?