pass (something) around

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pass (something) around

1. To pass something to the person next to one, so that it may then be passed to the next person, and so on. Pass this book around so everyone has a chance to have a good look at the illustrations. We sat passing around a bottle of whiskey, reminiscing about the good old days.
2. To offer or distribute copies or pieces of something to multiple people in a group. Here, Tom, pass these worksheets around to everyone in class. The performers passed around to the children in the audience.
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pass something around (to someone)

to offer something to everyone. Please pass the snacks around to everyone. Would you pass around the snacks?
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pass around

1. To transfer something from one person to another: We passed around each plate of food that was brought to us. The teacher gave the book to the students and told them to pass it around.
2. To be transferred from one person to another; circulate: The bottle of wine passed around the table.
3. To offer something to each person in a group: I brought a handful of fliers to the meeting and passed them around to everyone. The clowns passed around pieces of candy to the children.
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While the troops, dividing into two parts when passing around the Kremlin, were thronging the Moskva and the Stone bridges, a great many soldiers, taking advantage of the stoppage and congestion, turned back from the bridges and slipped stealthily and silently past the church of Vasili the Beatified and under the Borovitski gate, back up the hill to the Red Square where some instinct told them they could easily take things not belonging to them.
Her dejection had no abatement from anything passing around her; a friend or two of her father's, as always happened if he was not with them, spent the long, long evening there; and from six o'clock till half-past nine, there was little intermission of noise or grog.
One does not know what is passing around one, when one is unconscious.
I threw myself into the carriage that was to convey me away, hardly knowing whither I was going, and careless of what was passing around. I remembered only, and it was with a bitter anguish that I reflected on it, to order that my chemical instruments should be packed to go with me.
There is a drowsy state, between sleeping and waking, when you dream more in five minutes with your eyes half open, and yourself half conscious of everything that is passing around you, than you would in five nights with your eyes fast closed, and your senses wrapt in perfect unconsciousness.
He said PAAF would exercise its option to take legal measures against those passing around unfounded rumors through the social media networks with the intention to frighten the public.
The 'Baby' hitmaker was reportedly caught on camera snorting lines of cocaine passing around within the teenagers along with Gomez, Radar Online reported.
THREE police community support officers were sacked for allegedly passing around naked photos of a colleague found on her phone.
As to the experience of having the huge charge passing around him, Blaine said: "It's like a buzz, it's like a static electricity almost, like when something runs over your arm and your hair goes up.
But the fact remains that while he may possess god-like powers when passing around a football, Wayne has a face that only a mother could love.
But conservation ranger Mark Byrne is suspected of passing around leaflets which allegedly showed pictures of shot deer and offered trips up to EUR700 each in Galway.
shows but squeezing the palm of the girl to the right passing around the
I recently received a box of my college books from my parents when they cleaned out their basement and, while going through it, I came across what I thought at the time was a pun that I remember many of my fellow students passing around and pinning up on bulleting boards.
Agencies like AIDS Foundation Houston raised 80% of its budget from passing around a hat at local gay bars.