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Gallego further analyzes Schuyler's parody of the sub-genre of the passing novel and interrogates the phenomenon of passing itself.
In the last twenty years, for example, there has been an explosion of literary theory and criticism, biography and autobiography, history and sociology, all devoted to the theme and phenomenon of passing for white.
The passing figure - in the minds of both the writers who create him, and the readers who encounter him - continually oscillates not only between black and white racial poles, but also between two distinct ways of reading: The passing figure must always be read simultaneously on the "x axis of white signification" and on the"?
1, three-lane passing with the outlet to the right:
It has to (1) involve a variety of players to conceal the point of attack, (2) be the result of a passing sequence, and (3) reflect the combined effort of the team.
2 dribbles up to the wing to improve his passing angle to 3 at the top of the key, and 3 looks for the open shot.
It will also have passing, screening on the ball, screening off the ball, and backdoor cutting.
1 illustrates the basic pass combination, with B and C passing the ball back and forth until A can work free for the ("up") pass from C (first pass).
It can be initiated by the point guard passing to any of the other players or by looking for a wingman to cut backdoor.