pass the time

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pass the time

To occupy oneself during a period of spare time. If you're looking for a way to pass the time, we have plenty of great books to read!
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pass time

To engage in some activity during periods of spare time. A modifier can be used between "pass" and "time." To me, reading will always be the single best way to pass time. I've been passing my time in the evenings by learning how to weld at a local community workshop. The airport has opened a new kid-friendly activity center to help families pass some time while they wait for their flights.
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pass the time (of day)

to spend time doing something; to consume or use spare time by doing something. I read to pass the time while waiting in the doctor's office. I passed the time of day by talking to Dave.
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pass the time

1. Occupy oneself for an interval, as in The plane was six hours late but I passed the time reading a book.
2. pass the time of day. Exchange greetings, engage in pleasantries, chat, as in Whenever I met her we would stop to pass the time of day. [First half of 1800s]
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pass the/your ˈtime (doing something)

spend your time (doing something), often while you are waiting for something else: They told each other jokes to pass the time while waiting for the next train.We passed our time making plans for the weekend.
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Me and a friend once won pounds 1,000, seven of us shared it - Jean Sanderson, 69, retired, from Boosbeck I don't come too often but I like it because it passes the time. I also think it is popular because you get to meet new people by coming here to play - Pauline Ireland, 70, retired and visiting her sister in Darlington It gets me out of the house and you get to meet different people.
Gary passes the time by winding up a couple of civilians and singing happy birthday to himself, while Charlie becomes obsessed with guessing the contents of a mysterious letter that is addressed to sergeant Thomson.
When the sleuthing business or a stakeout is at a lull, private investigator Savannah Reid passes the time reading steamy romance novels.
It's a little melodramatic but still passes the time nicely.
The singer, whose boyband announced their split last week, admitted it is one way he passes the time on long car journeys.
It passes the time. But, as Samuel Beckett's tramps once sagely noticed in a more rigorous context, the time would have passed anyway!