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pass away

euphemism To die. I'm so sorry to hear that your father passed over the weekend. When I pass away, I don't want an elaborate funeral.
See also: away, pass

pass on

euphemism To die. I'm so sorry to hear that your father passed on over the weekend. When I pass on, I don't want an elaborate funeral.
See also: on, pass
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1. n. a passing grade or mark on a test. (Compare this with fail.) This is my third pass this semester.
2. in. to decline something; to decline to participate in something. I’ll have to pass. I am not prepared.
3. n. an act of declining something. Can I have a pass on that one? There is nothing I can do.
4. n. a sexual advance or invitation. (Usually with make.) When he made a pass at me, he got a pass right back.
5. tv. to succeed in spending counterfeit money; to succeed in cashing a bad check. He was arrested for passing bad checks.
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References in classic literature ?
"Oh, Matthew," exclaimed Anne, "I've passed and I'm first--or one of the first!
We're all living wonders, Major," he went on, turning to Thomson, "but if I don't get a Sole Colbert and a grill at the Savoy, and a front seat at the Alhambra, before many weeks have passed, I shall get stale--that's what'll happen to me."
However, on the whole I am rather glad that I passed in that request to the War Office.
As they passed Sunbury Church, the clock struck seven.
Sunbury was passed through, and they came again into the lonely road.
The door yielded to the pressure, and they passed in together.
As Turan proceeded along the avenue he passed other sentries beside other doors but now he gave them small heed, since they neither challenged nor otherwise outwardly noted his passing; but while at nearly every turn of the erratic avenue he passed one or more of these silent sentinels he could not guess that he had passed one of them many times and that his every move was watched by silent, clever stalkers.
It was the only available place where he might seek to hide from the approaching company, and while he had passed several sentries unquestioned he could scarce hope to escape scrutiny and questioning from a patrol, as he naturally assumed this body of men to be.
They had evidently passed on and now he would return to the street and continue upon his way.
But having known woman, and love, and fatherhood, and the belly-delights of eating, he had passed on beyond.
Its members passed. The tribe was a memory of the history and habits of all previous members, which the living members carried on until they passed and became history and memory in the intangible sum that was the tribe.
Amid all this, I confess, I wondered, too, in secret, whether we should meet, or catch a glimpse of somebody else; and as we passed his lodgings, I even went so far as to wonder whether he was at the window.
From speaking of books in general, he passed to different books in particular, and proceeded by rapid transitions from topic to topic, till several matters, both of taste and opinion, had been discussed considerably within the space of half an hour, but without the embellishment of many observations from himself; he being evidently less bent upon communicating his own thoughts and predilections, than on discovering mine.
While we were still trying to understand each other, a cab passed slowly at some little distance.
Rouletabille opened the door of his room and after we had passed in, carefully drew the bolt.