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Generally, though, the team in a match with fewer bad passes will have more shots - and therefore more opportunities to score.
A limited number of nonresident passes are available for $78 each, payable with cash or money order only, and must be purchased at the Recreation office at 1420 Main St.
Inquiries led to a 47-year-old man being arrested on suspicion of creating forged passes.
Just before demiting office in May last year, Lalu had increased the number of passes from two to five.
Ball Defender" (X2) must prevent dribble penetration and drive to the basket and encourage the offense to pass the ball as often as possible--the more passes the opponents make, the greater the chance of a turnover and the more time the defense has bought to allow other defensive teammates to get back to help defend the basket (Diag.
Employees may be interested in purchasing parking or transit passes on a pre-tax basis (i.
75 to 10 MFR through five extruder passes, Dietz said.
Do not let players come down the court and make one or two passes and then try to take it to the basket or shoot the jumper.
Transit passes, including any pass, token, farecard, voucher or similar item that entitles the employee to transportation on mass transit or in a vanpooling vehicle.