pass under

pass under (something)

1. To move or travel below, beneath, or underneath someone or something. I find a sort of melancholy joy watching people pass under my window at work. The people on the bridge cheered as the kayakers passed under them.
2. To deliver something to someone by surreptitiously handing it to them underneath something. In this usage, one or two nouns or pronouns are used between "pass" and "under" to specify what is being passed and, in some cases, the person receiving it. Teacher! Tommy's passing notes under the desks! Quick, pass me your comic book under the table so the teacher doesn't see it!
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pass under something

to move or travel beneath something. The ship slowly passed under the bridge. Harry counted the cars as they passed under the bridge.
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Often, the residence is held in joint tenancy or in a tenancy by the entirety, in which case the residence would not pass under the will but rather would pass to the remaining joint tenant under operation of law.