pass to

pass (something) to (one)

1. To deliver something to one by hand. Hey, Sarah, would you mind passing this to Stephen? You're closer than I am. I passed the note to him very discreetly.
2. To deliver something to one by throwing it to them. He passed the book to me from across the room, nearly hitting the light fixture as he did. Here, pass your keys over to me and I'll go get the car started.
3. To give possession of an athletic ball used in a particular sport to one's teammate. Pass the ball to Jeff, he's open! You should have passed the ball instead of kicking it toward the goal.
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pass something to someone

to hand or send something to someone, usually by way of a number of other people. Please pass this paper to Betty. Who passed this to me?
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They can use the pass to ride public transportation such as buses and subways.
Key Plays: Brady 17 pass to LaFell; Vereen 11 run; Louis-Jean 13-yard defensive pass interference penalty; Brady 16 pass to Gronkowski; Brady 21 pass to Gronkowski on 3rd-and-18.
Although the testator may wish that his beneficiary could gain possession of the property shortly after the testator's death, having the inheritance pass to a trust or under some other custodial arrangement often may be more prudent.
For a PASS to be approved by the Social Security Administration there must be a reasonable chance that the person can achieve the vocational goal and there must be a clear connection between the goal and the client's increased earning capacity.
Denying the penetration pass to the middle of the press will also help encourage the opposition to advance the ball down the sideline areas where the defense is lying in wait for the advancement of the ball.
However, in a community property state, a surviving spouse is deemed to own half the community property; consequently, the surviving spouse's half interest in community property could not pass to the surviving spouse by bequest or inheritance.
The two trappers (TT4 and WT5) will cheat up slightly to form longer "ball-you-man" (in your area) flat triangles to help discourage the lob pass to the potential receivers.
Under X's estate plan, $650,000 will pass to a trust for the benefit of Y (bypass trust), but will not be included in Y's estate at death.
The "Point" should shade the passer to prevent the quick long throw and to highly discourage an initial pass to anyone on the "wide side" of the court.
S's will also provided that if D disclaimed any part of the residue, the portion disclaimed was to pass to a Family Residuary Trust.
If the QB passes, he looks for the shortest, easiest pass to ensure the success of the play.
The estate tax regulations recognize interests that pass to a spouse as a result of the settlement of a controversy.
3) has stopped dribble penetration and influenced a pass to either wing, he must quickly drop to the weak side block area as if defending a backdoor cut.
The goal of this arrangement is to leave in the GRAT as much appreciating and income-producing assets as possible for the greatest length of time, to increase the amount of property that will ultimately pass to the remainder beneficiaries.