pass to

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pass (something) to (one)

1. To deliver something to one by hand. Hey, Sarah, would you mind passing this to Stephen? You're closer than I am. I passed the note to him very discreetly.
2. To deliver something to one by throwing it to them. He passed the book to me from across the room, nearly hitting the light fixture as he did. Here, pass your keys over to me and I'll go get the car started.
3. To give possession of an athletic ball used in a particular sport to one's teammate. Pass the ball to Jeff, he's open! You should have passed the ball instead of kicking it toward the goal.
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pass something to someone

to hand or send something to someone, usually by way of a number of other people. Please pass this paper to Betty. Who passed this to me?
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The "Monster" (M1) must cheat toward any potential pass receiver near the ballside mid-court area, while the "Wide Wing" (W2) must attempt to stop any pass to the middle of the court.
If 1 cannot make the inside pass to 2, he can reverse the ball to 5 or 3.
Inbounding the ball, the 5 player first looks deep for the two players (3 and 2) sprinting up the court, and next looks for a short pass to 4 or 1.
1's second look is to the middle and may result in a pass to #3 and lead to a 3-on-2 fast break with #3, #5, and #2.
Next, I had to decide the best way to market the sports pass to the student body.
6: If XI has fought off 4's screen and closed on the ball, 1 can pass to 4 for the jumper or look for a hi-low action with 5.