pass (one's) lips

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pass (one's) lips

1. To be said by one. No sooner had the words passed my lips than I regretted what I'd said.
2. To be eaten or drunk by one. As soon as the first morsel passed my lips, I knew it would be an exquisite meal.
See also: lip, pass

pass one's lips

Speak, utter, as in Not a word of it will pass my lips, I promise. [Mid-1700s]
See also: lip, pass

pass someone's lips

be eaten, drunk, or spoken by someone.
See also: lip, pass

pass (one's) lips

1. To be eaten or drunk.
2. To issue or be spoken: Rumors never passed her lips.
See also: lip, pass
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I'M awestruck at my Muslim neighbours' fidelity to their annual Ramadam, those 40 days when they must allow neither food nor drink to pass their lips in daylight hours.
ROCK veterans Ozzy Osbourne and Slash were in high spirits yesterday - even though the only drink to pass their lips was a nice cuppa.
As a child I saw the gesture used many times, and often by women who would never let a word as coarse as "damn" pass their lips.
Staff at Shavington High School in Crewe, Cheshire, are up in arms after being told not a drop of alcohol must pass their lips.
Come midnight two men will be celebrating with the last drop of alcohol to pass their lips for a year.
But none,not a one,let the M- word pass their lips as they eulogised him.
The children from St Patrick's RC School in Grangetown were given a feast of snacks such as dips, breadsticks, fruit and raw vegetables to discover which passed the taste test and which they would never allow to pass their lips again.
No one than would pass me by Then, they would have time A smile did always pass their lips And one would come from mine.
They'll be forced to fast for a week, letting only liquids and vitamin pills pass their lips.
ONE in three Irish adults never allow alcohol to pass their lips and would rather drink a cup of tea, according to a new study.
Consider that Lind takes the be-a-man tack of calling Vietnam a "defeat," a word Americans are raised never to allow to pass their lips.