pass the hat round/around

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pass the hat round

To collect financial donations from people. We make very little off our CDs, so please pass the hat round if you can! Everyone passed the hat round to help the Jeffersons pay for the cost of their son's treatment.
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pass the hat round

collect contributions of money from a number of people for a specific purpose.
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pass the ˈhat round/around


pass round/around the ˈhat

(informal) collect money from a number of people, for example to buy a present for somebody: Anthony had his car radio stolen, so his friends passed the hat round and bought him a new one.
See also: around, hat, pass, round
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Olympic silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz, Yan's teammate in the tiny 13-athlete Philippine delegation in the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, has asked their peers to pass the hat around and help defray the medical bills and other expenses of their stricken friend at St.
He added: "Share the story on social networks, hold a bake sale, get some DJs together, put on a show or pass the hat around the table at Christmas."
Donors from rich and developing economies gather every three years to pass the hat around to raise funds for the Bank's International Development Association, or IDA.
"Let's pass the hat around and help our unfortunate compatriot return home while she can still travel," OKOR chapter leader Jauhari Usman said.
Residents of the private road in Sonning, near Reading, Berkshire, have told police they will pass the hat around to stop Vic Moszcyznski and his family putting on their annual display.
Spare a thought and pass the hat around for that Labour oldie, Lord Hattersley.
With prices like pounds 1.45 for a melon fan, you won't need to pass the hat around to eat here.