pass (something) around

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pass (something) around

1. To pass something to the person next to one, so that it may then be passed to the next person, and so on. Pass this book around so everyone has a chance to have a good look at the illustrations. We sat passing around a bottle of whiskey, reminiscing about the good old days.
2. To offer or distribute copies or pieces of something to multiple people in a group. Here, Tom, pass these worksheets around to everyone in class. The performers passed around to the children in the audience.
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pass something around (to someone)

to offer something to everyone. Please pass the snacks around to everyone. Would you pass around the snacks?
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pass around

1. To transfer something from one person to another: We passed around each plate of food that was brought to us. The teacher gave the book to the students and told them to pass it around.
2. To be transferred from one person to another; circulate: The bottle of wine passed around the table.
3. To offer something to each person in a group: I brought a handful of fliers to the meeting and passed them around to everyone. The clowns passed around pieces of candy to the children.
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