pass out

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pass (something) out

To distribute something to others. Please pass these out to the rest of the class. The restaurant is passing out free samples of their food to people walking by.
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pass out (cold)

To sleep, faint, or lose consciousness. He passed out as soon as he saw the blood. They gave me so much to drink that I was passed out cold by 10 PM. I've been up since 5 AM, so I'm just going to go pass out after supper.
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pass something out (to someone)

to distribute something to someone. Please pass these out to everyone. Pass out these papers to everyone.
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pass out

to faint; to lose consciousness. Oh, look! Tom has passed out. When he got the news, he passed out.
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pass out

1. Distribute, as in He passed out the papers. [Early 1900s]
2. Also, pass out cold. Faint, as in When she heard the news she passed out cold. [Early 1900s] Also see out cold.
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pass out

1. To lose consciousness: Some of the football players passed out from the heat. The bar owner had to throw out patrons who would pass out after drinking.
2. To go to sleep: I went home and passed out after a long day at work.
3. To distribute something: The teacher passed out the test results. Our troop leader passed the cookies out.
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TEVTA has also focused on international accreditation and certification for its pass outs.
These middle school pass outs are soon to be outnumbered by the number of Indian facebook users and this could happen as early as the next few months.
The expo was an attempt to promote technical education and increase people and business community's linkage for career development perspective and give opportunity for young pass outs to interact directly with companies for job purpose.
In this context the quality of the training was mentioned so that the pass outs will indeed be picked up by the Industry.
The focus at MREI is on all round personality development to enable the pass outs to face any global challenge.
While addressing the industrialists, Chairman Irfan Qaiser Sheikh briefed the three year performance of TEVTA and demanded industrialists to provide their pass outs with at least 25 thousand per month salary.
The aim to arrange these training programs is based on international standards and in line with the latest curricula and industrial exposure Support of Pakistan Air Force in skill up-gradation, pedagogy and communication skills will not only be beneficial for the industry but will also helpful to export TEVTA pass outs to the gulf where there is a great demand of workers in various sectors.
Through this initiative, the students will get technical education as per demand of industry and pass outs will get job opportunities easily, he held.
A large number of TEVTA pass outs are adjusted in the local industry.
The Founder of the company Ms Bindu Sharma said that there is an acute shortage of Patent Agents with strong domain knowledge in India and every year the total number of pass outs in the examination is very low due to stringent examination pattern and strict markings.
Irfan Qaiser Shaikh said that TEVTA is establishing one window set up to facilitate its pass outs for their travelling arrangements and selection procedure.