pass off

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pass (someone or something) off (as something else)

To pretend someone or something is, or disguise someone or something as, something else. I passed Jake off as my brother so he could take advantage of our family discount. There are always guys passing cheap watches off as Rolexes in this part of town.
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pass off

To be carried out to completion. I was so nervous, but the ceremony passed off without a hitch.
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pass someone or something off

(on someone) (as someone or something) Go to palm someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something).
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pass something off (on someone) (as something)

 and pass something off
to get rid of something deceptively by giving or selling it to someone as something else. I passed the rhinestone off on John as a diamond. Don't try to pass that fake off on me! He couldn't pass off the stone on the clever jeweler.
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pass something off

(as something) Go to shrug something off (as something).
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pass off

1. Misrepresent something or someone, as in They tried to pass off that piece of glass as a gemstone, or Bill passed her off as his sister. [Late 1700s] Also see palm off.
2. Be completed or carried out, take place, as in The meeting passed off without incident. [Late 1700s]
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pass off

1. To offer, sell, or circulate something that is an imitation as though it were genuine: Some dishonest merchants are able to pass off glass as a gemstone.
2. To present someone as something else. Often used reflexively: He tried to pass himself off as a banker, even though he has no experience in finance. The clever spy passed herself off as a store clerk. My friend passed the refugee off as a visiting cousin when the landlord asked who he was.
3. To disregard or ignore something by considering it to have some negative quality: I passed his snide comment off as a joke. They pass off everything I say as ignorant.
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They also said that Shahid-ul-Islam had given a commitment that the event would pass off peacefully.
MOST people would pass off a ready meal as a home-cooked delight if they could get away with it, according to a survey today.
Our safety man (X1) drops to defend the bomb pass off the rebound.
The parade and the protests can and must pass off without incident.
Robert Gordon University have developed a computer programme that spots work students have plagiarised from the internet and are trying to pass off as their own.
With an explosive start off the LOS, the WR can occupy the DB without even blocking him, so long as the DB thinks pass off of the LOS.
Mumbai Police Commissioner D Sivanandan said, "All precautions have been taken to ensure that Rahul Gandhi's programmes pass off peacefully.
"The Commission urges all of those taking part in the Twelfth this weekend to ensure that all marches pass off peacefully and without incident.
Organisers tried to pass off the animal as film star pig Babe but it was an imposter.
Over the past two seasons, we have been getting a lot of mileage out of a bootleg pass off both our inside isolation play [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 1 OMITTED] and our perimeter sweep [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 2 OMITTED].
Basically it will attempt to pass off a boy band as a girl band, trying to completely fool the music industry in the process.
Maybe he did think this was a nice wee squib he could pass off as his own."
This week they have become dodgy second-hand car dealers trying to pass off an old banger as a super saloon.
A CORRUPT government official who helped pass off potentially BSE-infected beef as safe, received a 12-month jail sentence yesterday.
Yesterday they displayed their riding skills with other recruits in a Pass Off ceremony at London's Hyde Park.