pass off

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pass (someone or something) off (as something else)

To pretend someone or something is, or disguise someone or something as, something else. I passed Jake off as my brother so he could take advantage of our family discount. There are always guys passing off cheap watches as Rolexes in this part of town.
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pass off

To be carried out to completion. I was so nervous, but the ceremony passed off without a hitch.
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pass someone or something off

(on someone) (as someone or something) Go to palm someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something).
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pass something off (on someone) (as something)

 and pass something off
to get rid of something deceptively by giving or selling it to someone as something else. I passed the rhinestone off on John as a diamond. Don't try to pass that fake off on me! He couldn't pass off the stone on the clever jeweler.
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pass something off

(as something) Go to shrug something off (as something).
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pass off

1. Misrepresent something or someone, as in They tried to pass off that piece of glass as a gemstone, or Bill passed her off as his sister. [Late 1700s] Also see palm off.
2. Be completed or carried out, take place, as in The meeting passed off without incident. [Late 1700s]
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pass off

1. To offer, sell, or circulate something that is an imitation as though it were genuine: Some dishonest merchants are able to pass off glass as a gemstone.
2. To present someone as something else. Often used reflexively: He tried to pass himself off as a banker, even though he has no experience in finance. The clever spy passed herself off as a store clerk. My friend passed the refugee off as a visiting cousin when the landlord asked who he was.
3. To disregard or ignore something by considering it to have some negative quality: I passed his snide comment off as a joke. They pass off everything I say as ignorant.
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And they are the only party with the brass neck to pass off a bag of French fries as the essence of Britishness.
And Bryant capped the sequence in fitting fashion with another pass off the backboard.
John considers this an "exit pass off the expensive technology treadmill" for business users.
He pump-faked Memphis forward Theron Smith into the air behind the foul line, ducked to his right and fired a pass off the backboard.
Somehow, San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan made it through Sunday's 53rd NBA All-Star Game without throwing a pass off the backboard to himself or trying to tear down the basket with a dunk.
4) Saugus High's Cory Sabotin gets a pass off between two Harvard-Westlake defenders in a recent match.
There was no need for late-game heroics this week for the Avengers, who won with a Hail Mary touchdown pass off the nets Sunday in Orlando, Fla.
It might help if undistinguished director Jon Amiel had managed to inject a smidgen of tension to go along with all the intentional or unintentional stupidity or if the film's effects team had come up with something better than what looks like an overheated lava lamp to pass off as the Earth's mantle.
Set up as a competition of sorts, the show looks at eight different families (one a week) as they preen for the cameras, consult with a ``professional'' Hollywood gag writer and try to convince the show's producers that they can pass off the misery and disaffection amid their brood as yuck-a-minute hilarity.
Only MTV, with its target audience of young girls who don't watch much other television, could pass off this plot line as vaguely original.
Such artistic autonomy showed up on screen, resulting in a movie that looked and felt entirely different than the soulless, cookie-cutter junk that studios typically try to pass off as escapist entertainment.
Palmer opened the second half with a slightly errant pass off Mattos' hands that Smith picked off for his third interception.
Palmer then opened the second half with a slightly errant pass off Mattos' hands that Smith picked off for his third interception.