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PASS MUSTER n Australian firefighters take part in race
To insist you have no knowledge of a dodgy donation when you wrote to the donor to thank him for it wouldn't pass muster in a primary school.
In a country that is officially secular and where separation of church and state is the law of the land, demands to alter the Constitution based on the interpretation of holy books or church doctrine simply do not pass muster.
It then created an approval process so byzantine that it took companies years and hundreds of millions of dollars to pass muster just for the license, before they had spent the first dollar on construction.
Since these securitized mortgages would qualify for a defeasance only recently, as certain owners decided they'd like to refinance, attorneys wanted to make sure the clause would pass muster with the state taxing authorities.
If these treatments had to meet the same standards applied to new drugs by the Food and Drug Administration, the procedures probably wouldn't pass muster, he asserts.
Shock-absorbing Supalite soles grip well and the boots are stylish enough to pass muster in a country pub.
To suggest that because we have relations in England we must all be run from a government in London wouldn't pass muster in a primary school debating society.
And that, apparently, is all it takes for wacky educational policy to pass muster in the Assembly.
When the Clintons' "health alliances" select the few plans in each geographical area they will offer to subscribers, these firms are confident they will pass muster.
That measure, its sponsors hope, could be introduced in the Senate, as well, as it is considered more likely to pass muster through the Assembly and the Governor.
Re ``Passing the buck won't pass muster on hospital'' (Their Opinions, Feb.