pass judgment

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pass judgment (on someone or something)

to make a judgment about someone or something. I should not pass judgment on you, but I certainly could give you some good advice about how to be more pleasant. The judge passed judgment on the defendant, who was then taken away to prison.
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The Liverpool tribunal did not pass judgment on whether Mr Cockill was guilty of this but said he had warranted dismissal by appearing in the Press.
First, martyrs point out the implacability of truth's demands, but in doing so, they pass judgment on those who do not act in the same fashion.
The Chelsea defender is well qualified to pass judgment because he won the World Cup with France in 1998 and twice clinched the Champions League - with Marseille against AC Milan in 1993 and the following season for AC Milan in a 4-0 battering of Barcelona.
Festina team director Bruno Roussel, who said that Voet was not even going to be part of the Tour de France team, complained yesterday that peopl e were rushing to pass judgment before the facts were known.
On Drag, lang is inhaling all over the place--flying on the high of love's fix, bottoming out when the buzz wears off, but refusing to pass judgment on either altered state.
Q: We engaged you, for a small fee, to pass judgment on Barbaralee Diamonstein's new book.
He himself declines to pass judgment on the accuracy of such charges.
Girardi, a lead plaintiffs' attorney with Girardi & Keese in Los Angeles, stated: "After four years of the Sempra defendants' desperately trying to avoid the day of reckoning, we are eager to have a jury of Californians pass judgment on the egregious behavior and schemes by these companies who preyed on the vulnerability of every person and business in California.
The Daily Mirror has been more sympathetic than most papers to Leslie, believing that until we hear his side of the story it is unfair to pass judgment.
It does not pass judgment on which parent they should live with.
At this point, Nicodemus speaks up: "Does our law permit us to pass judgment on a man unless we have first given him a hearing and learned the facts?
It is so easy to pass judgment on this young person.
Almost nowhere in 674 pages does he, say, pass judgment on anyone or anything; although I think he'd say busing was a failure, I couldn't produce a passage in the book to prove it.
today as voters pass judgment on nearly $1 billion in new borrowing by the Los Angeles Community College District and four runoff elections.
If those who pass judgment aren't that convinced by the evidence, then they'd have the option of finding the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.